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Celonis wins SAP HANA Innovation Award 2015

Celonis is the winner of the prestigious SAP HANA Innovation Award 2015 in the ‘Most Transformative’ category. The award, which honours innovative solutions based on SAP HANA and makes a distinctive contribution to the value of the company, was awarded on May 5, 2015 as a part of SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida. In total, more than 50 applications were submitted in this competition and Celonis was able to prevail against the competition both in the public voting and the final voting performed by the SAP-assembled jury composed of clients, SAP experts and analysts. Celonis Process Mining technology is revolutionizing business processes as a result of unprecedented transparency. It uses SAP HANA to completely reconstruct and visualize business processes based on their digital tracks. At SAPPHIRE NOW, being held until May 7, 2015, the technological innovator presented its software solution at stand PT426.

Based on the advantages offered by SAP HANA, Celonis Process Mining allows unique transparency in business processes, for example to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks and to monitor processing costs and compliance. Celonis has focused on digitalized processes that have a high economic impact within the company. The amount and complexity of the relevant data is continuously growing. Accordingly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stay in control of all operations. Process Mining technology is an intelligent approach to analyzing and visualizing business processes and provides businesses, even for extremely large big data scenarios; a real competitive advantage, using this newly achieved transparency.

‘We are delighted to receive this award of excellence and recognition for the work of the entire Celonis team’, says Bastian Nominacher, CEO and co-founder of Celonis. The winner of the SAP HANA Innovation Award was given the chance to present its solution at SAPPHIRE NOW and become personally acquainted with important SAP customers. Celonis, already a two-time winner of the SAP Demo Jam, has been part of the SAP start-up focus program since 2013 whose aim is to support start-ups in the development of new applications for the SAP HANA platform .

Celonis announces participation at the SAPPHIRE NOW

Celonis, provider of the revolutionary Process Mining technology, announces its participation at the SAPPHIRE NOW and Annual ASUG Conference, taking place from the 5th to the 7th of May in Orlando, Florida. Celonis is participating in the SAP Startup Focus Programm which supports startups in the development of new applications for the SAP HANA platform. With powerful algorithms, the Celonis Process Mining technology uses SAP HANA to completely reconstruct business processes visually, based on their digital footprints, in real time. Celonis invites visitors of SAPPHIRE NOW to the stand PT426 to gain a deeper insight into the Celonis Process Mining technology by talking to the Celonis experts.

The SAP HANA platform enables companies to make faster and more effective decisions, through real-time analyses and reports, as well as enabling a rapid acceleration of the overall business processes. Based on these advantages, the Celonis Process Mining technology provides an entirely new level of transparency, helping you to, on the one hand, identify business bottlenecks and, on the other, monitor legal and compliance issues. Right from the beginning SAP HANA was a key technology for Celonis. The in-memory technology and performance enables the analysis of very large and complex Big Data scenarios in real time.

“We believe that the key to increasing value lies in the simplification and transparency of business processes,” says Alexander Rinke, co-founder of Celonis. “Through the SAP Startup Focus Program, we received access to the SAP HANA platform and support for our market strategy. This support was the key to introducing SAP customers and the media to Celonis Process Mining. ”

Celonis focuses on digital processes with high economic impact – such as shopping, order-to-cash, supply chain and IT service. The amount and complexity of the related data is constantly growing. Accordingly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep control of all operations. Celonis Process Mining is based upon the functionality of SAP HANA and gives companies a real competitive edge.

The SAPPHIRE NOW and Annual ASUG Conference are seen as the world’s leading business technology and SAP customer events. The visitors receive information about new business opportunities and take advantage of the events to seek contact with customers, managers of SAP, partners and experts from the entire SAP partner ecosystem.

Since early 2013 Celonis is participating in the SAP Startup Focus Program, in which startups are supported in the development of new applications for the SAP HANA platform. The program promotes the development of start-ups in the areas of Big Data, Predictive Analytics and real-time analysis. More than 1.800 Startups are currently participating in the program and are developing use cases based on SAP HANA in different fields, from gaming through retail to finance and engineering.

Process Mining for Utilities: EVU-Process & IT-Days 2015

The 12th annual IS-U Forum RU-Process & IT days will be held in Berlin from the 27th to 30th of April, 2015. At the event for IT and departments around the energy industry, the Celonis GmbH, an innovation leader in process mining, will present its novel Process Mining technology. Process Mining allows utilities to be more effective and provide work of higher quality, through targeted process optimization and cross-functional real-time monitoring. In a lecture Celonis will teach about the technology and present, in a live demonstration, the operation of this Big Data procedure.

On the 27th of April, the 12th annual IS-U Forum for RU-process & IT-days 2015, commences in Berlin. The forum offers four days at which IT, sales and network experts discuss and inform visitors on the design of future IT and process strategies the RU and Public Utilities Companies will adapt. This will be done through lectures, workshops and practical insights.

Whether we look at Big Data, custom tariffs or the implementation of new legal regulations – utilities are faced with ever-changing market conditions and have to manage a variety of complex business processes. Celonis’ process mining technology is a new, smart way to meet these challenges. Process Mining uses the digital traces that every process leaves in the IT systems. These digital footprints are analyzed in real time and across multiple systems, so that the user is presented with the actual processes which occur in the whole business. All IT-based processes in areas such as network operations, sales, billing, accounts receivable management and shared services can be analysed. The company’s existing data sources such as ERP, IS-U, Common Layer or CRM serve as a basis for these analyses.

Celonis is a sponsor of the event and informs interested visitors at its stand. In the lecture “Celonis Process Mining: New technology for process analysis and real-time monitoring” visitors are shown how Process Mining, by means of a novel process analysis, evaluates and visualizes all IT-based processes, creating the necessary transparency for improvements, using practical examples. A live demonstration of the method completes the appearance.

More informationen:
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Celonis at the SAP IT Summit 2015

The year’s SAP IT Summit in Salzburg Congress will be held on 21st and 22nd of April 2015. Celonis, two-time winner of the SAP Demo Jam, will present, in a 30-minute demo, the benefits of its revolutionary Process Mining technology in regards to the reconstruction and analysis of business processes. Under the title “Process Mining for SAP Finance Processes – Full process transparency” managing director Bastian Nominacher will introduce interested visitors to the innovation of Big Data methods, on the 22nd April at 13:00 in the Experience Room 4.

Each IT-supported process leaves a lot of traces. Celonis Process Mining analyses, reconstructs and visualizes these business processes in real time, thus creating the basis for more transparency and efficiency. “Process mining allows users to identify bottlenecks, unclear responsibilities or fraud patterns by the press of a button,” said Bastian Nominacher. Are invoices paid on time or to the intended appointments? Where exactly do long lead times, leading to unused cash discounts, occur? Where do misconfigured automations, such as interfaces to scanning systems, require manual interventions that increase the unnecessary spending of time and personnel? To demonstrate the application of process mining in finance, Bastian Nominacher will show the optimization potential resulting from the use of this technology through a live demonstrations of a typical purchasing process, at this year’s SAP IT Summit.

The SAP IT Summit, presented under the motto “Discover Simple”, the problems to which SAP customers and partners offer innovative business solutions. In over 80 Theatre-lectures, 40 demo shows and 16 roundtables, visitors learn IT and business expertise at the SAP Business Forum and the SAP CCoE Forum. Divided into eight topics, the SAP IT Summit presents innovation in the fields of IT security, CRM, marketing, human resources, big data, digitization, Finance and Industry 4.0.

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Webseite SAP IT Summit Österreich

Celonis at the CeBIT 2015

This year’s CeBIT in Hannover was held from the 16th, till the 20th, of March 2015. Celonis, two-time winner of the SAP Demo Jam, presented the advantages of its Process Mining technology for the reconstruction and analysis of business processes in the partner area at the SAP booth in Hall 4. Interested visitors and representatives of all branches discover that this revolutionary process creates unimagined transparency in key business processes while almost being easy as “Googling”. The full potential of the technology in conjunction with SAP S/4HANA was explained by director Bastian Nominacher, on the SAP main stage on the 20th of March 2015 at 11am, “Celonis Process Mining for SAP S/4HANA: Full process transparency from the first day”.

For the second time Celonis presented its leading process mining technology, which serves the reconstruction and analysis of business processes, at the world’s largest technology fair CeBIT. Due to the positive response from customers and the successful collaboration with SAP in the past year, Celonis will present its technology with the Walldorf-based software group again. The focus will be in particular on the benefits of SAP S/4HANA as a basis for Celonis process mining, and the analysis and optimization of processes in utilities, the automotive industry, manufacturing and production.

“During the execution of business processes using IT systems, vast amounts of data, commonly known as Big Data, are created. From this data Celonis manages to filter relevant information, visualize the processes and thus lay the foundation to make such more transparent and efficient”, says Alexander Rinke, Chief Product Owner and Co-Founder of Celonis. The more processes are run in a company, the more deviations from the desired process flow occur and the more difficult it is to maintain an overview. Thus, inefficiencies and untapped potential increase the need for personnel and wastage of time. “Often we must act very quickly. Out of this reason Celonis Process Mining works to enable the complete visualization of all company processes and the evaluation of the complete process dynamics in real time – and that is aided greatly by the power of the SAP HANA platform”, said Rinke.

Thanks to a hugely simplified data model, SAP S/4HANA ensures up to 10 times lower data storage requirements and 1,800 times faster analyses and reports. Celonis process mining is compatible with SAP S/4HANA so that customers instantly receive full transparency and control over how to run their processes right from the first day they use of SAP S/4HANA.

More informationen:
Webseite CeBIT


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