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Celonis Execution Capacity Challenge

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It's not every day that someone offers you $10 million...

But that’s exactly what we’re doing. Because we believe you already have 10 million dollars trapped in your business. How could we know that? Because we’re Celonis. Finding and unlocking value in business processes is what we do.

Our Execution Management System uses a powerful technology called Process Mining to unlock capacity in the systems you already use — like ERP and CRM — and the processes you already run — like Order Management, Accounts Payable, and Procurement.

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Here's how it works


Sign up

Complete the form below to register your interest in taking part in the Celonis Execution Capacity Challenge.


Confirm eligibility

We will schedule a call with one of our team members to determine eligibility to join the challenge. If you qualify, we will schedule your capacity assessment and get the ball rolling.


Capacity Assessment

During the assessment, we will uncover the hidden capacity trapped in your processes.


Execution Capacity Report

Our Capacity Assessment exercise produces a personalized report of exactly where capacity is trapped in your business and how you can best use Celonis to unlock that value.

If the potential value of that trapped capacity does not add up to at least $10 million we will donate $100,000 to a charity of your choice.

If we don't discover at least $10 million in trapped capacity, we'll donate $100,000 to a good cause.