Get your Process Mining Expert Certificate for Academics

Enhance your Process Mining skills in a project-based learning environment

The best preparation for the challenges in your future workplace is to experience and solve them first-hand. With our Process Mining Experts Program for Academics we enable you to solve highly complex business problems by providing you with an advanced software training and a real-world business case.

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Process Mining Experts Program

In teams of like-minded and ambitious students from around the world you will work together to create the best possible outcomes. Throughout the program we ensure you are connected to fellow students and Celonis employees to provide an ongoing learning exchange. Whether you are taking training, working on a case, or applying your own Process Mining project, we’re here to help.

We work together with student clubs, student consultancies, Junior Enterprises, and individuals in order to build a diverse network of students from various backgrounds and practical experience levels.

Get ready to…

  • Acquire important process-oriented data science skills.

  • Apply those skills directly to your own project.

  • Exchange knowledge with fellow students and work side-by-side with Celonis employees.

  • Boost your CV with an expert certification in one of the most important, innovative technologies of the decade.

Become part of the Celonis Process Mining Expert Program for Academics today. The Expert training takes place twice a year in spring and autumn and is open globally.


PME Calendar

Our Process Mining Experts Program takes place every quarter year. The registrations for the different tracks open four weeks prior the Kickoff workshop.