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Celonis for Students

As organizations continue to adopt Process Mining technology and in-demand expertise in the field is on the rise, itโ€™s more important than ever for students to gain the skills they need to be successful.

The Academic Alliance offers you free access to the Celonis technology for learning and classroom work. Our extensive offering of online courses includes everything from the fundamentals of Process Mining to a deep dive in advanced process data engineering.

Whether you are an independent learner, part of a group course, writing your thesis, or joining as a member of a student club, the Academic Alliance offers a variety of educational opportunities to support your Process Mining journey.

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Execution Management System - Academic Edition

All-in-one Platform for Process Excellence

  1. Free: For students, teachers, and researchers
  2. All Celonis features: Event Collection, Process Analytics, ML Workbench, Action Engine
  3. Data: Preloaded demo data and flexible data uploads
  4. Campus feeling: Designed for use in classroom and self-learning

Why to Learn Process Mining & Automation

Boost your digital skills

Processes are everywhere and in any domain. Process Mining and Automation are ubiquitous technologies.

Be at the forefront

Learn one of the fastest-growing data science technologies and acquire important knowledge for your career.

Extend your network

Join a community of thousands of active Process Mining learners, users, and experts.

Student Program

Learning Journey