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Snap & Integromat
Did you know that you can now combine our free Process Mining Tool, Snap, with Integromat? Check out this step-by-step guide shared by our product lead on Linkedin to discover how you can analyse your processes in Trello. Celonis acquired Integromat this year and with it automation has never been easier.
Process Analytics
With the integration between Process Repository and Process Analytics, you can now directly document as-is process variants in BPMN 2.0 standard or as an image. To export the process model from the Variant Explorer, you should first enable BPMN export in your analysis settings. Then with a right-click next to the discovered process in the explorer component, you see the export option in the context menu. You can either export BPMN or image to your local machine or directly store it in the Process Repository. After you select the option to save in the repository, you need to select process category and process model. By saving the model, you have successfully documented your discovered process in BPMN format in the Process Repository. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
App Creator Training
Our brand new technology is out, but how can you make the most out of it and start buildings apps? There is already an extensive training track available for free! If you are a registered Celonis academic, customers or partner, you can join and get your App Creator basics certificate. Open the training track tile to find the App Creator Track. After completing this Training Track, you will be able to: Differentiate the available Go-To-Market models. Build, modify, and leverage Knowledge Models. Make data accessible and give possibilities to act in Views. Build, test and implement automated Skills. Apply UX guidelines for Celonis Execution Apps.
Process Repository
NEW Celonis Process Modeler: A new BPMN modeler is now available in the Process Repository that allows users to design their process models in BPMN 2.0 standard. The new process modeler allows users to define details of each process step by adding description, responsible role, input/output, and customer/supplier. Such information will better help people to understand the process as they are executing it. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Process Conformance
Retrieve models from Process Repository for Conformance Check: In order to do Conformance Checking, there is a need for defining the target model to be compared against the discovered model (To-Be vs. As-Is). There are four different options in Celonis to define the target model in the Conformance app. Besides using the mining capability, uploading a BPMN model, or designing the model directly in the Conformance Checker, it is possible to retrieve process models that are stored in the Process Repository. After choosing this option, the user sees the whole list of stored process models to select the desired model. By launching the model, the user successfully loaded the model in the Conformance checker. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Advanced Permission Management in Data Pools
Transferring data between Data Pools allows you to have different user groups working on different Data Models or Transformations even if they are all based on the same source system data. The recommendation is to have as few Data Pools as possible, but as many as necessary. Already a Customer? Login in to find more Tips on this topic as well as more details on how to share data between data pools?
Install new Execution Instruments in the Celonis Studio
Weโ€™ve updated the look and feel of some of our most popular instruments for processes like purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Theyโ€™re all built using our latest EMS platform technology to give you complete visibility over your processes. You can install them from the EMS Store directly into Studio, where you will also be informed of available updates for the Instruments. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Machine Learning
You can run Machine Learning Notebooks with custom parameters as actions in the automation skill. We have added an action 'Execute ML Notebook' as an action in the automation skill. This gives you the possibility to execute machine learning notebooks as part of you automation skill workflow. This also makes it possible to pass the input to the ML Notebook coming from the previous sensors/actions in the skill. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Data (Event Collection)
Process Connectors can now directly be installed from the Data Pool overview in Event Collection. This is a very quick and easy way to get started with Event Collection since the Data Pools will contain the typical extractions, transformations and Data Models which are used to analyze and execute on a certain process. Our Process Connectors library is very vast and covers many different source systems and business processes helping you to kickstart your EMS journey. The installation process still works the same way as before where they were hosted in the App Store. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Quickly bring your machine learning use-cases to production
Quickly bring your machine learning use-cases to production by scheduling them. After developing a machine learning usecase or a machine learning model, the challenge is to bring it to production quickly so that it can start bringing value. Machine Learning Workbench provides the scheduling functionality, where you can quickly select your machine learning notebook and specify the frequency of execution so that it automatically runs periodically and brings new results every time new data comes in. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Improve your working capital by reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
The Accounts Receivable Collections Management Execution App enables precise, risk-based forecasting and management for leaders by using Machine Learning to predict likelihood of payment for each individual invoice based on customer risk. Celonis uses a Machine-Learning based analysis that is looking not only at each customerโ€™s historical payment behavior, changes in recent payment patterns, the products or services customers purchased, and the country the customer is based in but also analyzes the customerโ€™s payment behavior with other companies in the industry using Celonis.
Combine KPIs from different Data Models in one view
You want to see all your relevant KPIs from different Data Models in an easy way? You would like to create a dashboard that just shows them all in one place? With the new Celonis Studio capabilities of Views and Knowledge Models - you can! This is currently in beta and you can get access via the App Creator Training to try this out. The Celonis Studio allows you to generate views where every component can access different Data Models. It is very easy to setup and with the right permissions in place, you will have an overview about all your processes, from Inventory-Management to Purchase-to-pay, all in one place.
Execution Apps - Opportunity Management
Find out which deals in your pipeline are most likely to close. The Celonis Quality Index leverages Process Mining and Machine Learning to understand the probability of an opportunity to close based on past sales process behavior of similar opportunities.
Set up SAP automations without any technical knowledge
You might already know that Celonis Process Automation allows you to execute any action in SAP. With the new simple SAP Action, we now provide 40+ out-of-the-box SAP automations that allow you to immediately get started without any technical knowledge about SAP. Simply select what to automate in SAP (e.g., changing the delivery date of a sales order) and Celonis takes care of the technical part. Besides, also custom use cases and SAP actions are supported.
Various new calendar functionalities are now available!
The ability to calculate process cycle times is one of the most powerful functions in the analysis of processes. In order to be able to calculate a processing time correctly, the use of calendars is crucial. This makes it possible, for example, to exclude weekends or public holidays when calculating lead times, which leads to more precise process lead times. We are happy to announce that a wide range of new calendar functions is now available in PQL. You can define a total of three new calendars with the PQL functions WEEKDAY_CALENDAR, WORKDAY_CALENDAR, and FACTORY_CALENDAR. In addition, we also offer you the option of connecting several calendars with one another using the INTERSECT function. You can find a detailed description of the new calendar functions including numerous examples in the documentation.
Extract your data in real-time from Oracle, SAP HANA or Microsoft SQL databases!
Real-time data is crucial to perform actions on your execution gaps and make the right decisions. Set up your real-time data pipeline now to benefit from an efficient data integration approach that will elevate your way of working to a new level. You will be equipped with technology that enables you to identify execution gaps immediately, directly resolve them and trigger actions automatically.
Creating your first Execution Instrument in the Studio is as easy as one-two-three!
You feel inspired by our instruments for processes like purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, accounts payable, and accounts receivable available in the EMS Store? This guide helps you to build your very own analyses in the Studio in three simple steps. Execution Instruments combine the known-and-loved Analysis components with the powerful capabilities and ease of use of our new development platform Studio. Enjoy publishing your first Execution Instrument to your business users! Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Include user input in your automation!
In some cases, a Skill should not be triggered fully automatically but needs the approval or decision of a Business User before being executed. Tasks can be created in the Celonis Studio to keep the human in the loop. They provide the relevant context and next best actions in order to support the Business User in making the right decision with just one click!
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Send regular automated reminders to ensure Cash Discount Realization and On-Time Payment
You can send out automated reminders to certain stakeholders (e.g. approver, buyer) in case the (Cash Discount) due date of an invoice is approaching soon. You can do this by using the Execution App's new automation functionalities. Set it up by 1) creating a new invoice record in the knowledge model using the standard invoice identifier, 2) appending || REMAP_TIMESTAMPS(TODAY(),DAYS ) to ensure that the sensor is triggered every day and 3) creating a filter indicating when the email should be sent and applying that filter in the respective skill. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images
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Executing actions in S4/Hana is now possible!
You surely already know about our ability to automatically execute actions in your SAP ECC instance with Celonis Automation Engine. More and more customers were also inquiring about the possibility to execute actions in their S4/Hana instances as well. We are happy to announce that this is now possible! You can execute actions by calling the same BAPIs and RFC functions in your S4/Hana instance as you would with SAP ECC. To communicate with your on-premise instance, you can also leverage our Celonis Agent. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Making PU functions filter-aware is now possible!
Making PU functions filter-aware is one of the most anticipated and requested PQL features. We are happy to announce that this is now possible with the new FILTER_TO_NULL function. With this, not only PU functions can be made filter-aware, but also other functions like INDEX_ORDER and RUNNING_SUM. A detailed description of the new FILTER_TO_NULL function including numerous examples can be found in the documentation. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
Get to know the Celonis Content-CLI
We are happy to introduce you to the Celonis Content-CLI (Comand Line Interface), a tool to manage and move all kinds of content in your EMS team. The Content-CLI and how to use it is documented in our Help Resources. It is made available for everyone and can be used via the Machine Learning Workbench of your EMS team. Here some use cases what you can do with the Content-CLI: - Use it to move Analyses from Process Analytics to the Studio - Use it to migrate Celonis 4 analyses to the Studio - Use it to migrate analysis and studio assets from one team to another. Log in to get familiar with the Content-CLI
Real Time Connectivity to SAP ECC and S4/HANA via the Replication Cockpit
Achieving real-time connectivity is the first, and most foundational step in your journey to unlocking execution capacity. With a stable and real-time data pipeline, you can build an ecosystem of Execution Apps and instruments to immediately identify execution gaps in your processes, know how to resolve them, and automatically take action to eliminate the execution gaps. The Replication Cockpit, coupled with the Real Time Extractor for SAP, solves this challenge. It ensures that the data is replicated from SAP to the EMS in a real time, with minimal setup and maintenance effort. Already a customer? Log-in to our Help Pages for a Step-by-Step Guide with Images.
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Integromat is now part of the Celonis family!
In case you missed it, the world's #1 online automation tool is part of the Celonis family. Integromat is an incredibly powerful automation platform that requires no technical resources. You can automate many of the repetitive tasks with a drag-n-drop interface in a matter of minutes. Try it for free today or over your holiday break!

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