Agenda - Chem and Pharma Transformation Days

Sep 8th
September 8th I 10:00am CEST
Path to innovation: how LyondellBasell removed operational frictions and accelerated supply chain efficiencies with process mining
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Now more than ever, companies need immediate visibility into their processes to ensure that supply chains continue to function smoothly and that the foundation of the business - financial management - is secure. This is the only way to ensure a good customer experience through reliable service. Join us and Lyondell in this webinar to learn how to use process mining technology to address key supply chain and finance challenges.

LyondellBasell Nina
Nina Ivetić-van Krimpen,
Business Process Consultant
LyondellBasell Hans
Hans Van Lenten,
Director Finance Data Analytics & Automation
Orsolya Dénes
Orsolya Dénes ,
Solution Engineer
Sep 9th
September 9th I 3:00PM CEST
Customer Webinar: How Novartis gained visibility and diagnostic capabilities for their Order-to-Cash process
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It hardly needs explaining that customers expect delivery of goods and services to be on time. The problems with late delivery are obvious, but there are also some instances when early delivery can also be problematic. Join our webinar with Novartis, to learn how they ensure a frictionless order-to-cash process through unbiased transparency and diagnostic capabilities for their business process.

Evgeniy Novartis
Evgeniy Koltsov,
Global Digital Transformation Manager
Matthias Stenzenberger
Matthias Stenzenberger,
Account Executive
Sep 10th
September 10th I 10:00am CEST
When change is supposed to fail - and how to do it right
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The introduction of new technologies always involves organizational change. Internal processes must be adapted, employees must be involved, convinced and trained at an early stage, and the management level should set an example of the new change. It is no different with the introduction of process mining technology. Join our webinar with ChangePartner, to learn how to overcome challenges in your change management initiative and what to do, when change is supposed to fail.

Jörn Lommer, Change Partner
Jörn Lommer,
ChangePartner AG
Floyd Kuehner
Floyd Kuehner,
Data Scientist
September 10th I 1:00pm CEST
Strengthening process orientation and End-to-End Process performance in pharmaceutical & chemical companies
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Join this webinar to learn how to overcome typical challenges in the pharma and chem industry and how Process Mining can be an enabler for sustainable operational business processes.

Jan Bernstorf, BearingPoint
Jan Martin Bernstorf,
Johannes Weis
Johannes Weis,
Solution Engineer
Sep 11th
September 11th I 10:00AM CEST
Still mining or are you already realizing potential and ensuring compliance?
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Everyone knows the situation. Problems are analyzed and recognized, there are many ideas and suggestions for improvement. But are the potentials really implemented and realized? Who makes sure to implement new optimizations and check the effect? Especially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the standardization and acceleration of processes is essential to stay competitive, as personalized products and resource-efficient manufacturing are required.

Join our webinar to learn how to ensure optimization and compliance!

Oliver Zeller
Oliver Zeller,
Christopher Mühlhausen
Christopher Mülhausen,
Solution Engineer
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