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Aldi-Süd x Celonis: Over 3 million euros in value realized and costs avoided

Discover how ALDI-SÜD created an end-to-end process dashboard in Celonis that provides business transition KPIs, actionable insights and multiple processes tied to success factors for the retailer's digital transformation

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Ready to start your digital transformation journey with Celonis?

“Celonis supports our digital transformation towards having the leanest and most efficient E2E processes in retail.” - Thomas Weiprecht, Director CoE BPM

Join us for a webinar session where we unveil the success story of Aldi-Süd’s digital transformation journey and their groundbreaking partnership with Celonis. With:

  • 16 systems connected to Celonis.
  • 23 processes and use cases in Celonis
  • More than 2 billion transactions handled in Celonis
  • €3.1 million in value realized and costs avoided

The global retailer has transformed their approach with the power of data-driven insights. Join us for a deep dive into how Aldi-Süd was able to build their one-stop dashboard that provides an overview of key transition KPIs across E2E and leverage Celonis as an enabler for data-driven process excellence and business transformation.

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