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Your Journey to the Automated Enterprise

The world is moving fast. Every company is looking for ways to drive productivity and and boost efficiency, and many are turning to automation as a critical tool.

So weโ€™ve gathered resources and best practices from industry leaders like Siemens to help you deploy automation as part of a holistic strategy for Process Excellence.

The Risks and Limitations of Automation

More and more, industry leaders are realizing that automation is not always the answer. There are many ways to make a process better, and sometimes automating it can even make it worse.

By making an effort to understand your processes first, you can then decide the best course of action โ€” whether that means correcting errors, adding or removing steps, adjusting KPIs, or deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

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-HFS Research

Siemens Mini-Documentary

In this video, we bring you a behind-the-scenes look at Siemens' journey to Process Excellence. See how this global enterprise is achieving breakthrough outcomes with a "process-first" approach to automation.

Siemens Celonis documentary
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5 Steps to Integrating Automation into Process Excellence

With the power of Process Mining technology, you can accelerate your journey to Process Excellence. Hereโ€™s how Celonis can help, and where automation fits into a holistic approach.

Process Discovery - screenshot


To optimize your process outcomes, you have to know your processes inside and out. Process Discovery gives you an easy, visual, interactive way to explore every step of every process and easily identify points of friction. No workshops, no whiteboards, no lengthy process mapping exercises โ€” just using the data from your ERP and other systems.

Process Discovery - screenshot
Screenshot - Root Cause Analysis


Use Process Analytics, which provides AI-powered root-cause analysis, to drill deep and pinpoint the causes of process variations. This allows you to correct process errors before you think about automation.

Screenshot - Root Cause Analysis
Screenshot - Process Automation - Workflow Builder

Streamline and Automate

Once you correct low-hanging-fruit processes issues, you can begin to consider automation and identify candidates to be automated. Celonis Automation Scout empowers you to pinpoint steps within a process where automation would be an appropriate solution.

Then, using tools like Celonis Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation, you can deploy cross-system workflows to automate manual tasks.

Screenshot - Process Automation - Workflow Builder
Screenshot - Action Engine - Learning Signals


Optimizing processes takes more than just automation. It takes intelligent action that helps you drive specific outcomes, like increasing on-time delivery, freeing up working capital, or improving customer satisfaction. Celonis Action Engine constantly analyzes data, and sends signals to the people and systems involved to let them know about specific corrective actions they need to take to adjust for the desired outcome.

Screenshot - Action Engine - Learning Signals
Screenshot - Automation Scout

Monitor and Measure

Once youโ€™ve deployed automation and taken other steps to correct, streamline, and optimize processes, you need the tools to measure the business impact. To measure the impact and value of automation, Celonis users can use tools like Process Analytics to track the rate of automation within processes and the value itโ€™s delivering, and Process Benchmarking to compare automation rates across regions or departments.

Screenshot - Automation Scout

Automation Stories & Resources

Ready to see automation done right? Check out these success stories and resources.

Merck customer story page

Webinar: Accelerating Process Transformation and RPA at Merck

Merck used Process Mining technology to establish a framework for automation projects that helped them determine the optimal path for selection and implementation.

Vodafone video customer story

Vodafone Supercharges its Procurement with Automation, AI

Vodafone's holistic approach, involving a combination of AI, Machine Learning, RPA, and Process Mining helped them increase the rate of perfect purchase order from 73% to 96%.

What is Robotic Process Automation - Process Mining

What is RPA?

Learn more about Robotic Process Automation on our introductory webpage that provides a complete overview.

Siemens video customer story

Webinar: Achieving Better Business Outcomes with RPA and Celonis

Learn more about the process-first approach to automation and see a live demo of RPA and Process Mining in action at Siemens.


Forbes: Could Process Mining Be Bigger Than RPA?

This article from Forbes explores the potential of Process Mining to become a must-have tool for all companies looking to achieve Process Excellence.

KPMG main customer story page

Webinar: The Synergy Between Process Mining and RPA

In this webinar with KPMG and Automation Anywhere, you'll learn how to implement automation or next-best-action recommendations to improve processes.

Screenshot - Process Automation - Workflow Builder

Demo Video: Celonis Process Automation

See how you can build cross-system automated workflows with Process Automation.

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