2017: The Year of Process Mining

Sam Werner

Most organizations struggle to improve their internal IT-driven processes and core operations such as purchasing, logistics and production in order to achieve better corporate performance. Unfortunately, these efforts are expensive, time consuming and not always 100% effective.

Typically, companies hire pricey management consultants to analyze their business processes, discover which ones need improvement and make recommendations on how to fix them. To start this process, internal operations teams are torn away from their jobs and asked to collect data and provide context to the consultants. And then after several months of analysis, the consultants come back with recommendations, some of which are already outdated given how quickly technology evolves.

But what if there was a way to automate the process that takes consultants several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to uncover? What if that automation could explain why processes are broken and how to fix them? Imagine if you could give your corporate data a full body scan and unbiased analysis to solve the problems you did not even know you should be looking for?

Fortunately, this more efficient, affordable and effective method for driving business optimization is already here: Process Mining, a new type of Big Data Analytics. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Process Mining technology leverages the digital footprint organizations leave behind in their IT systems and provides complete transparency into how processes are working in real life.

For example, Process Mining can uncover delays in invoicing after an order has been shipped. It can also show where automation would help hasten delivery and reduce costs as well as show where vendors are not meeting deadlines and the business impact of those actions.

At Celonis, we work with over 200 global customers โ€“ many of whom are successful Fortune 1000 organizations. Every day, they rely on Process Mining to reduce inventory costs, identify production bottlenecks, improve delivery times, and optimize coordination between production sites, distribution centers and end clients.

To date, Celonis customers have saved hundreds of millions of dollars by improving key processes such as purchase-to-pay, orders-to-cash, production, logistics, accounts payable, accounts receivable and IT service management. The recent introduction of Celonis Pi, with the addition of machine learning and AI, further strengthens the Celonis solution portfolio by fully automating the discovery and analysis of operational processes and offering prescriptive recommendations to improve efficiency immediately.

Weโ€™ve seen, first hand, how the automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence found in our approach to Process Mining has led to incredible breakthroughs for our customers. Maybe you are ready to improve your processes and reduce operational expenses by 30% too?

Are You a Good Candidate for Process Mining?

To find out if your organization needs Process Mining, ask your teams these key questions:

  • Are your key performance indicators (KPIs) sufficient to remain competitive?
  • Are your KPIs measuring the necessary metrics to ensure achievement of business commitments to customers? Or are you really just focusing on what is easily measurable?
  • Will your processes be sufficient to support your product roadmaps and will they be agile enough to respond to changing market conditions?

Getting started with Process Mining is easier than you think. First, start by picking a few core processes and then let the software do the difficult work of visualizing the processes and highlighting specific variances impacting KPIs such as throughput times. For example, process mining may uncover that your vendors are not delivering goods on time and that is causing production delays for your manufacturing team. Or it could uncover that your Purchasing Department has been slow to pay vendors, thereby resulting in significant late payment fines.

Investing in Process Mining will give you deep, accurate and unbiased visibility into all of your existing process, thus giving you the power to find any issues that might impact KPIs. It will also help uncover bottlenecks and time sinks that have been hampering employee productivity. Lastly, it will help automate key areas where manual work has been problematic, thus eliminating human mistakes and reducing labor costs.

Process Mining will give your organization the incredible power of uncovering hidden inefficiencies while also providing prescriptive recommendations on how to fix them in real-time.

That is why you should make 2017 the year your organization adopts Process Mining. You must achieve complete operational transparency and unbiased insight into all business processes in order to fulfill the promise of digital business transformation.

Make this year count โ€“ especially where it matters the most. Be a Process Hero in 2017!

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