30 Reasons to Attend Celosphere

By Michelle Mellon
3 min read

In April 2019 Celonis hosted its first Celosphereโ€“the worldโ€™s largest process mining and business transformation conference. Industry leaders, market experts and transformation champions from around the globe were on hand to share their experiences in overcoming todayโ€™s business challenges by fostering sustainable change within their organizations.

Should you take part next year? Of course! But in case you need a little extra convincing, here are 30 very good reasons for you to attend:

  1. Learn from peers who have been in your shoes.

  2. Hear ideas that may alter your organizationโ€™s transformation plans for the better.

  3. Share your own success stories.

  4. Gain one-on-one access to our ecosystem of experts.

  5. Be proactive and learn how to plan for change.

  6. Participate in special trainings of the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud.

  7. Get an exclusive sneak peek at the Celonis product roadmap.

  8. Join some of the biggest global enterprise leaders.

  9. Enhance your reputation by speaking on stage or as a behind-the-scenes contributor to bold conversations.

  10. Choose from nearly 60 open sessions and keynotes that explore business trends and best practices.

  11. Network with an incredible roster of transformation experts, including analysts.

  12. Explore Munich, a vibrant city with nearly 850 years of history to satisfy visitors with varied interests.

  13. Meet Wil van der Aalst, the godfather of process mining technology.

  14. Learn how process mining technology powers the worldโ€™s first SaaS solution for supporting business transformationโ€”the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud.

  15. Discover how Celonis enables digital transformation and DTOs.

  16. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tenets of business transformation.

  17. Be a pioneerโ€”as one of the attendees of the first-ever Celosphere youโ€™ll have the distinction of being able to shape the course of this and future events.

  18. Enjoy a fresh perspective in a unique venue tailored to maximize active exchange of ideas.

  19. Benefit from a carefully curated agenda of what you need to get started NOW.

  20. Invest in yourself, whether itโ€™s for your education or career advancement.

  21. Invest in the future of your company by exploring innovations, tips and tools that can increase efficiency and agility.

  22. Understand how Celonis has been used to achieve remarkable improvements in core P2P, O2C and customer service processes as well as many more supporting functions.

  23. Enjoy face-to-face time with an audience of like-minded professionals.

  24. Take the opportunity to provide face-to-face feedback to Celonis and our partners.

  25. Confirm the fit for your organization with use cases spanning manufacturing and specialty production, aviation, heath care, consulting and more.

  26. Increase the likelihood that your initiatives like RPA and S/4HANA or other ERP migrations are smooth, successful and sustainable.

  27. Experience the formal unveiling of the Celonis Action Engine and its full capabilities.

  28. Gain inspiration and energy.

  29. Indulge your sense of wonder while you feed your need for results.

  30. Have fun!

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