5 Ways Process Mining Apps Can Improve Your Business

By Christoph Grossbaier
3 min read

One common theme across customers is the desire to dive quickly into their processes, using the experiences of others in their industry or in similar job roles to help with analysis for typical issues. The Celonis Content Store was developed with that desire in mind.

Building on real customer experiences across more than 15 industries and 25 countries, Celonis has pioneered a platform of apps and connectors with pre-built analysis for a large variety of IT systems and business processes.

The top five benefits of process mining apps

1) Save time and focus on business outcomes
Q: Do you need to hire 10 new employees in your IT department for analyzing processes?
A: No. Anybody can do it. Once the infrastructure is in place, you can activate the Content Store and download and apply connectors and apps. Business users and process owners gain immediate insights from data with analyses for their roles. This way they can shift focus to process improvement and reduce time-to-value metrics.

2) Understand which processes are NOT improving
Most companies have business process improvement initiatives, with a set of common questions: Will my processes allow me to remain competitive? Am I focused on the right processes or am I missing out on higher value opportunities? Could I be increasing my delivery reliability, reducing days sales outstanding, or optimizing the picking process in my warehouse? What about approval workflows of additional systems, such as Readsoft or OpenText Vendor Invoice Management? The Celonis Content Store provides pre-built analysis of these common issues and more.

3) Tackle inefficiencies at their root
Why are process throughput times too long, driving up inventory costs and impacting delivery commitments? Often, itโ€™s due to unwanted activities or patterns. Donโ€™t just look at rejection rates and top-line revenueโ€”you must ask other questions:

  • Which parts of your organization and which customers are involved most frequently?
  • What are the rejection reasons your employees give most often?
  • At which step of the process do these rejections occur and how often?
  • How much time is wasted due to manual work before the rejecting the order?

Process mining apps help you focus on the right business questions and break down the issue into its components, so you can tackle root causes instead of symptoms.

4) Learn from your peers
What are proven measures that have driven real business value and outcomes in practice? The Celonis Content Store functions as a knowledge hub, with โ€œcookbooksโ€ from our Data Scientists and process analysts that take advantage of our real-world customer experience. These cookbooks outline best practices to address key business questions and challengesโ€”all in one place.

5) Make your process mining even smarter
The Content Store also leverages the AI and machine learning capabilities of the Celonis Proactive Insights (PI) engine. Related apps and materials include:

  • Predictive analyses apps to jump-start your PI machine learning experience.
  • PI Companion apps tailored to employees processing orders or invoices.
  • PI Conformance target models that can be adapted and extended to customer-specific models.

Whatโ€™s next for process mining apps? Endless opportunities!

The vision for the Celonis Content Store is one of a universe of apps for every relevant business question in every process. To that end, it will continue to grow, specifically in the following three dimensions:

  • IT systems: Enhancing already robust system-agnostic connections
  • Processes: Expanding to encompass an even larger variety of processes
  • Industry-specific solutions: Continuing to specialize for specific needs, e.g., the meter-to-cash process for utilities

There are still many opportunities to be explored with process mining, and Celonis looks forward to accompanying you on your journey to discover the solutions that work for you!

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