5 Ways Process Mining Apps can Improve Your Business

Jan Philipp Thomsen

We have been doing process mining for more than 5 years and have customers across more than 15 industries and 25 countries. One common theme we constantly hear back from our customers is that they want to quickly dive into their processes, leveraging the past experience from others in their industry or job roles. This way they can perform rapid analysis for typical issues.

In this article, we want to share some insights about how customers are enhancing the way they use process mining for their business by leveraging the Celonis Content Store.

The Celonis Content Store is a platform of apps and connectors with pre-built analysis for a large variety of IT systems and business processes. We now have more than 120 Process Mining apps available online. These apps are built upon real customer challenges and solutions from our experience over the past 5+ years.

Here is a summary of the top 5 benefits from a customer perspective.

1) Save time and focus on business outcomes

A question we often get from customers: Do we need to hire 10 new employees in our IT department for analyzing processes? The answer is no and the reason is very simple: anybody can do it. This is exactly the concept of the platform. Once the infrastructure is set up, the Content Store can be activated and connectors and apps can be quickly downloaded and applied by the end users. Business users and process owners are able to gain immediate insights from the data with analyses focused on their role. This way they are able shift their focus to process improvement and reduce the time-to-value.

2) Understand which processes are NOT improving

Almost every company has business process improvement initiatives in place. There are some common questions they are constantly asking themselves: Will my processes allow me to remain competitive? Am I focused on the right processes or am I missing out on higher value opportunities? Could I be increasing my delivery reliability, reducing days sales outstanding (DSO), or optimizing the picking process in my warehouse? What about looking at the approval workflows of additional systems, such as Readsoft or OpenText Vendor Invoice Management? The Celonis Content Store Platform helps inspire process owners and business users through pre-built analysis of common issues that companies are facing.

3) Tackle inefficiencies at their root

Process throughput times can be too long driving up inventory costs and causing missed delivery commitments - but why? More often than not, there are unwanted activities or process patterns impacting the throughput time. Take order rejections for example, a common pattern in the sales process, they can have enormous impacts on both the top and bottom line of your business. In order to analyze this problem you need to look at more than the rate of rejections and the top line revenue hit, a common mistake of process owners trying to address this type of problem, you also need to ask other questions to get to the real root cause, e.g.:

  • Which parts of your organization and which customers are involved most frequently?
  • What are the rejection reasons stated most often by your employees?
  • At which step of the process do these rejections occur and how often?
  • How much time is wasted due to manual work before the rejecting the order?

Process Mining apps help you focus on all the right business questions, breaking down the issue into individual components, enabling you to tackle the root causes of the problems, not only their symptoms.

4) Learn from your peers

When approaching process improvement initiatives, anyone can tell you to increase automation. However, what are proven measures that have driven real business value and outcomes in practice? The Celonis Content Store also functions as a hub of knowledge with cookbooks that leverage the experience of our Celonis Data Scientists and Process Analysts that have been working on real world problems with our clients for more than 5 years. These cookbooks outline best practices to address key business questions and challenges โ€“ all in one place.

5) Make your Process Mining even smarter

The Content Store also leverages the AI and machine learning capabilities of the Celonis Proactive Insights (PI) Engine. Customers can use the Content Store to download relevant apps and other relevant materials, such as:

  • Apps including predictive analyses to get going with the new PI Machine Learning
  • Apps for the PI Companion tailored to the needs of the employees processing orders or invoices
  • PI Conformance Target Models derived from our experience, which can easily be adapted and extended to customer specific models

Whatโ€™s next? Endless opportunities

The Content Store will continue to grow and we attribute this growth to three dimensions:

  • IT-Systems
    • Celonis works with any IT-system out there, but we are continuing to work on pre-built apps to make getting started faster and easier
  • Processes
    • There are still a variety of processes that can benefit from new apps
  • Industry-specific solutions
    • We will continue to add to our industry specific apps, e.g. the meter-to-cash process for utilities

The Celonis Content Store launched over 1 year ago, but is still far from finished. We see the Store as a universe of apps for every relevant business question in every process. There are still many processes to be discovered with Celonis Process Mining.

If you are already a customer and would like to learn more regarding the Celonis Content Store, contact your customer success or account manager. If you are not yet a customer, visit http://www.celonis.com to find out more.

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