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IBM and Celonis: A Closer Look

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I remember back in college when a semester felt like an eternity. One hundred and eighty-two days of clockwatching monotony, where little seemed to change. This feeling is in stark contrast to today’s world, where time and information fly by so fast we barely have time to digest even the most important milestones and moments. And life at Celonis over the last 10 months has been a testament to that — nothing moves faster than Celonis-time! 

Since launching the Celonis Execution Management System a year ago, demand for process mining and execution management has skyrocketed. Celonis has never grown so fast. Our customers and ecosystem partners are scaling the EMS across enterprises and industries. From new product capabilities and strategic acquisitions, to ecosystem offers and historic partnerships, there’s been a lot going on! 

That’s exactly why we’re kicking off ‘A Closer Look: Celonis In Seconds’. This social mini-series covers everything you need to know about Celonis. We will slow down and take a closer look at our amazing customers and partners, our process mining and EMS innovations, and the industry-wide trends in data, intelligence, and action that will shape how businesses work in the future. 

Every edition of ’A Closer Look’ will zoom in on one key Celonis initiative. We will provide the latest updates in a simple blog and a milestone timeline, which will give you all the information required to slow down and connect the dots on the topics that are important to you. 

I’m so excited to co-author our first blog in this new social series with my good friend Mehmet Midyat, Vice President of Global Technology Partnerships. Mehmet was one of the primary architects of our industry-shaping partnership with IBM Consulting and IBM Redhat. 

Let’s take a closer look at this incredible partnership! 

Celonis and IBM: A Closer Look (by Mehmet Midyat)

The strategic partnership with IBM Consulting and Red Hat aims to address many of the challenges business leaders face as they seek to digitally transform their operations, remove process inefficiencies, and generate returns from digital investments.

IBM is all-in with Celonis, and have committed to certifying thousands of consultants, automation experts, cloud specialists and subject matter experts over the next three years on Celonis. This will create a global workforce of process mining and execution management experts — all trained to help Fortune 500 companies shift from data analytics to data execution with the Celonis Execution Management System.

This partnership is vitally important, because it accelerates and augments the value our mutual customers can drive using Celonis, IBM and Red Hat, to simplify and solve their digital transformation challenges. By integrating Celonis EMS into the IBM Garage methodology, and leveraging the capabilities of the Red Hat OpenShift platform, we are putting the power of digital truth into the hands of every IBM consultant, in every geography and in every industry. 

We announced the partnership at Celosphere in April — and it’s been amazing to see the enthusiasm from our customers, industry experts, and our own Celonauts. This recap provides a closer look at all of the news, coverage, discussions, and exciting innovations with Celonis and IBM. And the most exciting part is that we are just getting started! 

I hope you enjoy walking back through time — starting with an amazing discussion between Miguel Milano, our Chief Revenue Officer and Co-owner, and Scott Layton, Vice President, Global Leader of Finance Transformation at IBM — just a few weeks ago at the Celonis World Tour. 

The Closer Look Timeline


A great discussion with Celonis’ Miguel Millano and IBM’s Scott Layton at Celonis World Tour 2021, to an audience of thousands from around the world. Miguel and Scott celebrate and showcase how IBM and Celonis are bringing process mining and execution management together to unlock true value for their clients.


Remember that time at the Celonis Ecosystem Summit…  Scott Layton, VP, Global Leader of Finance Transformation at IBM, spoke about leveraging IBM and Celonis for process transformation. As Mark Foster, SVP of IBM Consulting said, “through this powerful new global strategic partnership, we’re adding to IBM’s suite of technology capabilities to unlock value and help propel clients’ growth and innovation.”


We joined forces with IBM’s finance experts for this great webinar. They shared their experience on how to transform Fortune 500 companies by finding inefficiencies and creating multi-function intelligent process workflows that increase capacity and improve the expected outcomes of tasks by 70-90%.


This IBM article was a show-stopper. IBM’s insights on how process mining and execution management work is a must-read. It’s not often you read about something this powerful —  Layton describes a recent experience with a client using process mining and execution management powered by Celonis: They said, “In two weeks you’ve been able to identify something we’ve been trying to figure out for 17 years.”


Check out the amazing discussion with Miguel Millano and the legendary Mark Foster, SVP of IBM Consulting — this was the fireside chat that rang the bell for the partnership at Celosphere 2021. Hear about how IBM embeds the Celonis EMS into the IBM garage methodology to co-create, co-execute and co-operate on intelligent workflows. Together, Celonis and IBM are helping clients find and fix process breakpoints, driving value and optimizing capacity.


A must-read article by thought leader Ron Miller at TechCrunch — read about how IBM commits to build a center of excellence to train 10,000 consultants worldwide on Celonis, putting them at the forefront of innovation in workflow automation.


This was the news that got everything started! Celonis, IBM and Red Hat announce a powerful collaboration that will accelerate the digital transformation of the world’s largest companies with flexibility, agility and intelligent business execution.

Dave Peterson / Mehmet Midyat
CMO / Vice President, Tech Partnerships
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