10 Great Reasons to join the Engineering & Product Departments at Celonis: Part 2

Join the Engineering & Product Departments at Celonis: Part 2

Celonis Martin Klenk
by Martin Klenk and Team Celonis
December 29, 2020
8 min read

If you have already read part 1 of this blog [see here], youโ€™re well on the way to understanding what weโ€™re about here at Celonis and why itโ€™s a great place for developers to find the professional and personal satisfaction we all want from our working environment. In this blog Iโ€™m going to share five more great reasons why you should join Celonis and give you tips on how to take this further.ย 

Reason 6: No day is like any other

In terms of agility we of course have roadmaps for how we see Celonisโ€™ software developing but our developers are given a lot of flexibility to choose how they want to reach the destination. Being agile helps us come up with totally new ways to complete our tasks accurately and quickly.

This applies to a large spread of daily activities. The tech stack ranges from database development with C++, via the backend and frontend stacks, to platform engineering. For an insight into what this way of working feels like, I spoke to Oliver Heilmann, Junior Software Engineer, who told me: โ€œOne of the first projects I worked on when starting at Celonis was a fuzzy duplicate checker which we called cluster-strings. Customers often face the problem that their data might contain typos or other minor issues. Given a list of strings, the goal of this project was to find all pairs of strings which only deviate by a little bit from each other. What sounds easy is getting fairly complex when you consider the huge amounts of data our customers want to analyze. The basic approach of checking every string against every other string does not work in these complex environments. To overcome this problem my colleague Willi gave me a paper he wrote during his PhD thesis about set similarity joins, which tries to solve a similar problem. Equipped with new knowledge and able to ask Willi basically every question about these kinds of algorithms reduced the complexity of this project massively and made the whole implementation a very insightful experience. Top performance is a must and cluster-strings now allow our customers to analyze datasets containing thousands of strings instantaneously.โ€

Reason 7: Share knowledge and do what really interests you

When human beings are focused on delivering a project, thereโ€™s a risk we lose sight of a couple of really important things - because we havenโ€™t allowed the space for them. One is sharing knowledge and the other is pursuing ideas that look potentially valuable - but might be a bit off track.ย 

At Celonis, knowledge sharing and continuous personal and skill development are what help make us be the best at what we do. Thatโ€™s why we created the Excellence@Tech space - four hours every week for everyone in the team, put aside to share knowledge about something you feel your colleagues might want to know or should know. It could be something new and cool in coding. Or an approach youโ€™ve seen somewhere else or read about getting great results that you believe could be applied at Celonis. Maybe it could be getting up to speed with new software updates or brainstorming new ways to do things. Itโ€™s down to you. In one recent example, the team responsible for the Celonis core libraries put on an โ€˜Ask us Anythingโ€™ session - providing really vital understanding for many others across the organization whose work requires deep knowledge about the core of the software.

"I love Excellence@Tech for many reasonsโ€, says Nita Skenderi, Software Engineer at Celonis in Pristina. โ€œThrough these sessions, each of us can grow and learn new things in our own time, but also share these with the rest of the team, so we learn even more and the whole team grows together. I especially love how I can use this time to learn new technologies or concepts that I might need for my next task, which in turn helps me grow by allowing me to tackle more complex tasks with ever-growing confidence. I also enjoy that these sessions give us time to explore ideas on how we can improve our project technically or even work on side projects that could benefit the product or the team's development life-cycle. I really appreciate that Celonis has an understanding that giving us this time to invest in ourselves will only reflect positively on our work and therefore on the company's overall success. The best team wins, but a team is only as strong as its weakest link after all."ย ย 

Reason 8: Get outside your comfort zone

As an engineer at Celonis, youโ€™ll also get to work on projects outside what you might have thought of as engineering - and which have the potential to create a piece of history.ย 

When we received the German Presidentโ€™s Award, the Celonis Engineering team got the chance to showcase our software at the famous โ€˜Deutsches Museumโ€™ in Munich (German Museum). The challenge for our engineers, UX designers and product managers was to come up with a presentation about the power of Celonis for the general public (the brief said โ€œfrom age 10 to 90โ€). The solution would have to guide users, via a touchscreen, through the features of Celonis (from setting up an analysis to taking action), in just five minutes and be capable of working for the next 10 years without supervision.

The approach the team devised to meet this task was to guide users through the story in a stimulating way using an example taken from everyday life. So we have chosen to tell the story of two passengers whose flight had been delayed and explained how Celonis would have helped the airplane take off on time. It was an entirely new way of working and thinking for the team and one that taught our developers a lot.

Reason 9: Advance your reputation in the academic Process Mining community

As part of the Celonis Engineering team, youโ€™ll become an invaluable part of the global Process Mining research community. We present at many high profile conferences like SIGMOD, C++ Con Berlin and the ICPM conference, and we foster exchanges with many experts in the academic communities for Process Mining and data processing. For example, we regularly discuss new trends in the Process Mining community with Prof. Will van der Aalst, AKA the โ€˜Godfather of Process Miningโ€™ and Chief Scientific Advisor at Celonis.ย 

Exchanging ideas with the global Process Mining community - as an expert about a software product acknowledged as state-of-the-art - gives you the opportunity to explore new challenges and creates room for growth and personal development.

Reason 10: Become part of a diverse team

At Celonis we believe that diverse teams create the best results. To make that possible, the Celonis company language is English and we are proud of our international teams, working together across borders within a truly collaborative culture.ย 

Itโ€™s not all about work, of course. Work is where we often meet like-minded people, people who inspire us or challenge us to think differently and grow. That is certainly the case for Senior Product Manager Nicolas Ilmberger:ย  โ€œMost of my colleagues here at Celonis have become friendsโ€, he says. โ€œThat makes work fun and really helps when the pressure is on - we know we can rely on each other. And after work, thereโ€™s a culture of spending time together, which helps strengthen and deepen those friendships.โ€

Weโ€™d love to get you on board

To further accelerate our hypergrowth, Celonis is continuously looking for new talent for its Engineering and Product organization. Itโ€™s as much about attitude and drive as it is about specific competencies. We want to hear from you, if you are: โ€ฆย 

  • Rock-solid in your understanding of algorithms and data structures and believe that logic and mathematical understanding are the basis of your creativity

  • Curious to expand your coding and programming skills with the top-paying languagesย ย ย ย 

  • Keenย to take your skills to the next level in an Agile project and product development life cycleย ย ย 

  • Interested in joining or leading a team of developersย ย 

  • Looking to work for an employer with continuously high customer satisfaction ratings, with continuously benchmarked and highly-rated product performanceย 

  • Seeking peers who challenge themselves and their teams in the day-to-day workย 

  • Eager to contribute and publicly share open source codes and projectsย 

  • Passionate about coding and programming

  • Drawn to work with peers who developed Celonisโ€™ patented PQL technology, the industry leader

  • Drawn to a small company ethos but with development opportunities for everybody

  • Drawn to working for a values-lead company with flat hierarchiesย 

Have a look at our openings in the Engineering and Product organization and feel free to contact our Engineering & Product recruiters for an informal chat about how you could fit into the Celonis story and what itโ€™s really like here: Lorena Rebenciuc (, Lisa Oberhofer ( or Ben Towers (

by Martin Klenk, Co-Founder and CTO, and Team Celonis

Celonis Martin Klenk
Martin Klenk and Team Celonis
Co-Founder and CTO // Engineering & Product

The best team is a diverse team - and a the best team wins. That is #TeamCelonis.

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