Introducing Celonis Pi, Intelligent Process Mining Powered by Machine Learning

By Christoph Grossbaier
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Analytics software has proven effective in helping organizations gain a better understanding of many areas of their business operations. But in the past that meant you needed an idea of where to shine the light to see where things were working well or needed improvement.

Like so many other areas, analytics technology continues to evolve. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have had a significant impact on big data analytics and hold even bigger promise for the future. Celonis persists at the vanguard of this revolution with the development of its Proactive Insights Engine (PI)โ€”the industryโ€™s first enterprise-class, big-data analytics process mining platform fueled by AI and machine learning.

The Power & Possibilities of Celonis PI

Celonis PI builds on the insight and visibility already available through Celonis Process Mining. The additional value of PI is its ability to provide prescriptive recommendations using the following four components:

  • Conformance: Compares actual operations to the way processes were designed to occur. By automatically identifying the highest priority issues and their root causes, it enables users to take immediate action.

  • Social: Provides a deep understanding of the human aspect of processes and identifies which teams have the best outcomes, as well as interactions resulting in lost time or bottlenecks. It also discovers opportunities for organizational structure improvements.

  • Companion: Identifies potential issues before they even happen and allows users to make the right decisions during process execution rather than after a problem arises.

  • Machine Learning: Using historical data, makes predictions about an organizationโ€™s future so processes can be adjusted to meet key business KPIs. Understands that a process that works today cannot remain static forever.

With Celonis, organizations can leave the flashlight behind and switch on the lights across an entire organization. The prescriptive recommendations provided by Celonis PI will go even further to transform the capabilities of businesses of varying sizes across multiple industries and endless processes.

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