Siemens is the world's biggest user of Process Mining

Julian Baumann

With more than 343,000 employees worldwide and a revenue of โ‚ฌ 71.9 billion in 2014, SIEMENS is a global player in the industry energy, healthcare and infrastructure. The continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of its processes is of central importance โ€“ digitization and innovation are vital to SIEMENS.

Reconstruct and visualize processes automatically by pressing a button.

In order to standardize and accelerate the business processes globally, in 2013, SIEMENS introduced the so-called Process Dash-Service. The idea behind it: complete transparency in the actual business processes, and the ability to fully exploit optimization potential. ProcessDAsh gives SIEMENS the greatest possible transparency in all areas of the company. Users get scalable insights into the actual flow of processes and can optimize unerringly and quickly, anytime. The application that allows these insights and can handle the companyโ€™s huge amount of big data, is Celonis Process Mining (CPM), a new technology that visualises and reconstructs IT-supported processes live, from start to finish. Business users can then analyze and check processes and their numerous variants in real time: bottlenecks, compliance violations and inefficiencies are identified and process efficiency is monitored. This happens not only with great precision, but also with impressive speed: Celonis Process Mining runs on one of the largest SAP HANA in-memory database installations in the world. More than 70 SAP ERP systems are simultaneously connected to the global HANA environment of SIEMENS and can be called spontaneous.

More than 800 CPM users in just one year.

SIEMENS periodically organises so called Process-dash fairs. The fairs are a large internal event where project teams report on their progress and exchange information about successes and new approaches to the use of process mining. โ€œIn just one year, the process mining community has grown at SIEMENS to more than 800 users,โ€ said Dr. Lars Reinke Meyer, director of ProcessDAsh platform. โ€œIn the course of new initiatives and projects, we expect further growth and steady development within the communityโ€, Reinkemeyer continued.

Many use cases that demonstrate the added value of process mining.

On the ProcessDAsh Fair 2015 most cases were based on the practical issues and insights that CPM analyses had shown in recent months, mostly concerning the global sales, purchasing, logistics and financial processes of SIEMENS. Analyses showed how the delivery performance within countries and regions is being improved by determining deviations from the normal process variant. Also, they showed how the process automation was able to further progress, why manual interventions were necessary and how these could be prevented for the future. Other examples showed how the causes of so-called โ€œrework activitiesโ€ (such as price changes) can be readily identified through zooming into the incidents in question. Another case showed how the Supply Chain Management at SIEMENS could be enhanced by an in-depth analysis of process complexity and throughput times. It was also shown how Process Mining helped to identify and optimize ordering channels by processing orders electronically instead of on paper.

Within SIEMENS the success story is developing more and more.

The project team enthusiastically reported what they had achieved through the use of Process Dash. When they were asked about the greatest benefit of Celonis solution, they were unanimous: Using the drill-down function weaknesses in the process can be tracked down and form the factual basis of arguments, making the program an indispensable tool. โ€œUsing the Process Mining technology by Celonis we can witness how processes run in reality, for the first time. If questions arise, we can respond within seconds instead of days or weeks. I think this technological innovation will have a strong influence on how companies govern their processes, in the futureโ€, said Reinkemeyer. He adds: โ€œWithin SIEMENS success is increasingly visible and the results have gained a lot of attention. Other projects will soon be launched.โ€ โ€œBy 2016โ€, he says, โ€œwe will probably have grown to more than a thousand active CPM-users โ€œ.

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