March 01, 2018
Operational Excellence Conference: Putting our finger on the pulse of Continuous Improvement
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Process Mining and Internal Audit: A Match Made in Heaven?

For years, auditors have been able to get by leveraging traditional methods like interviews and workshops to conduct successful company audits. However, as more and more business processes become digitized, todayโ€™s auditors are finding they need to move beyond strictly traditional analytics โ€“ to advanced analytics offerings such as Process Mining.

Christoph Grossbaier / November 07, 2017
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Global Telecom Giant Vodafone Gains 100% Transparency

The... With 470 million mobile customers and 14 million broadband customers, mobile operations in 26 countries and fixed broadband operations in 17 countries, Vodafone is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, providing a range of voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. Operating in the market for over 30 years,...

Janine Kanters / April 24, 2017
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A Value Added Reseller and Service Provider for IT Systems Accelerates the Time it Takes to get Paid by 40%

A large distributor of IT and Services had been experiencing consistent growth and had been expanding rapidly into new regions. That is when they noticed an alarming trend, their cash flows were becoming strained due to slower payments from their customers. This shift was posing a very real threat to their growth strategy. Without liquidity,...

Sam Werner / November 16, 2016
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Siemens is the world's biggest user of Process Mining

With more than 343,000 employees worldwide and a revenue of โ‚ฌ 71.9 billion in 2014, SIEMENS is a global player in the industry energy, healthcare and infrastructure. The continuous improvement of the efficiency and quality of its processes is of central importance โ€“ digitization and innovation are vital to SIEMENS. Reconstruct and visualize...

Julian Baumann / October 28, 2015
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Vodafone: Making Data Speak

How to make data speak? Vodafone was looking for a way to understand how its corporate process models were executed in reality. In this way, it wanted to close the information gap and link KPIs to root causes. By combining the strength of SAPโ€™s in-memory platform with the revolutionary Process Mining technology of Celonis, Vodafone now is able to...

Julian Baumann / October 28, 2015
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