Team Celonis Nominated for the 2019 German President's Award
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Team Celonis Nominated for the 2019 German President's Award

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by Alexander Rinke
October 01, 2019
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The team at Celonis is proud to be nominated for the German Presidentโ€™s Award for 2019. The award was created to celebrate companies with outstanding ideas and innovations that pave the way for new industry advancements, and create future-proof impacts that benefit businesses and their customers within the science and technology industry.

The Meaning of the German President Award

The main criteria for selection includes the level of scientific and technological innovation, market readiness, potential for job creation, and the contribution to a sustainable economy. This is a special moment for Celonis as we are the first-ever software innovation to be nominated.

During this nomination period, we will meet inspiring people, gain new insights, and even have the opportunity to personally meet with the German President. It has been a rapid journeyโ€“one in which we would have never dared to dream of- from our beginnings as a student startup at the Technical University Munich until now.

Process Mining: Unlimited Potential for Enhancing the Lives of Businesses and Their Customers

As a widely applicable key technology on a global scale, Celonis has learned to set industry standards for process excellence. For us, it is not just about cost savings and productivity increases for businesses. We are aiming for more.

Process Mining helps to manage resources more sustainably. It can help reduce emissions, save resources in the production process, and even save lives in hospitals by reducing wait times for patient care.

The biggest companies worldwide already trust in our Process Mining technology. This not only benefits the companies and their employees, but alsoโ€”primarilyโ€”their customers. Using Celonis, Lufthansa is making sure its flights are taking off on time, Uberโ€™s service inquiries are processed intelligently to improve customer experiences, and Uniper is making power plant maintenance more efficient.

Shaping the Future with Celonis Process Mining

I want to take the opportunity to not only look into the future, but also take a brief look into the past. Just about eight years ago Basti, Martin, and I started Celonis as a student project. Today, Celonis consists of more than 700 employees worldwide. With our disruptive Process Mining technology, we are not only making enterprises more efficient, but weโ€™ve also built a successful company on our own terms.

We are proud to say that every employee at Celonis is eager to work on enhancing the future with Process Mining. The future is exciting, and we all play a part in shaping it. If you are also curious about the future, we would love to invite you to share your vision by sharing your story on social media, with #FrictionlessFuture!

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Alexander Rinke
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Alex Rinke is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Celonis.

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