Introducing Celonis Pi, Intelligent Process Mining Powered by Machine Learning

Sam Werner

Introducing Celonis Proactive Insights Engine โ€“ Pi.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have already made a significant impact in many areas of big data analytics, and hold even bigger promise for the future. Weโ€™re proud to be right in the middle of this revolution with the announcement today of the Celonis Proactive Insights Engine (Pi) โ€“ the industryโ€™s first enterprise-class, big data analytics process mining platform fueled by AI and machine learning.

The introduction of Celonis Pi is part of our continued focus on rapid innovation to help enterprises of all sizes gain unbiased visibility into their business processes so they can improve margins, business agility, and customer service while reducing operational costs. Since founding the company in 2011, weโ€™ve helped enterprises across more than 15 industries save hundreds of millions of dollars by improving key processes such as purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, production, logistics, accounts payable, accounts receivable and IT service management.

The new features of Celonis Pi build on the insight and visibility that our platform provides by giving prescriptive recommendations that help improve efficiency even faster. The features of Celonis Pi include four core components:

Pi Conformance

  • Compares actual operations to the ways that processes were designed to occur (conformance checking) and automatically identifies the highest priority issues and their root causes so users can take immediate action.

Pi Social

  • Provides a deep understanding of the human aspect of processes and identifies which teams have the best outcomes as well as which interactions result in lost time or bottlenecks. It also discovers where inefficiencies in an organizationโ€™s structure calls for improvement.

Pi Companion

  • Identifies potential issues before they even happen and allows users to make the right decisions during process execution rather than after a problem arises.

Pi Machine Learning

  • Makes predictions about an organizationโ€™s future so that processes can be adjusted to meet key business KPIs by using historical data. Understands that a process that works today cannot remain static forever.

Analytics software has already proven to be extremely effective at providing a spotlight for organizations to drill-down and better understand many areas of their business operations. But using this powerful technology has always required a hypothesis on where to shine the light in order to see where things were working well or working poorly. Weโ€™re ditching the flashlight and now switching on all of the lights for an entire organization. We are excited to see how the prescriptive recommendations that Celonis Pi provides will help customers improve efficiencies even more.

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