Why Process Mining? โ€“ 5 Reasons to Put It on Your To-Do-List

By Julian T. Baumann
2 min read

1. You need to make the right decisionโ€ฆevery time

Process mining uses your dataโ€”your unique โ€œdigital fingerprintโ€โ€”to map your process and measure each step within that process. With alerts and KPIs both out of the box and configurable, you can see the immediate impact of any process change made. Be confident not only that youโ€™ve made the right process change, but that the change has the intended impact, every time.

2. You want 100% operational process transparency

Process mining charts all your transactionsโ€”every single oneโ€”providing a literal visual map with complete process transparency and capitalizing on digital business transformation. It compares actual operations to the ways that processes were designed to occur (aka conformance checking) and automatically identifies the highest priority issues and their root causes so users can take immediate action. Focus your energies on fixing the problems, not finding them!

3. You have โ€œreduce costsโ€ and โ€œincrease efficiencyโ€ in your annual goals

Process mining can help your business reduce operational costs by as much as 30%. Process mining finds inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, deviations, and bottlenecks that are slowing you down and tripping you up. It answers questions about your business that you didnโ€™t even know to ask, giving you visibility to make immediate, measured, positive impacts on your processes. Beyond existing inefficiencies, it even identifies potential issues before they happen, and proactively recommends prescriptive process improvements.

4. You need to optimize how you buy and sell

Need to reduce the time it takes to ship product? Want to benchmark your suppliers to see who supports you best? Would you like to understand why one sales office or plant consistently outperforms or underperforms others? Process mining gives you those answers, identifying which business units and teams have the best outcomes, and where inefficiencies in organization structure results in bottlenecks and wasted time.

5. Your competitors may already have it

In business, those who execute faster, manage their supply chain better, and eliminate bottlenecks quicker edge out the competition. Process mining is the secret weapon more and more businesses are using to gain the competitive advantage. Donโ€™t be late to recognize the value process mining brings to your bottom line.

Blog post contributed by Digital Symplexity, a Celonis partner.

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