Recruitment Letter from our CEOs to Potential Hires

Celonis is still hiring

Despite the unusual circumstances due to COVID-19, Celonis is still hiring. We are in a financially strong position and continue to invest in our business and our people, by welcoming new talent, such as yourself to the Celonis family.

Our Founders
Our Founders

What Does it Mean to Be a Celonaut?

A Celonaut is a member of Celonis’ young and rapidly-expanding group of innovators, dedicated to helping everyone to increase and maximize the execution capacity of their entire business.

Celonauts are united in their excitement and passion for helping the world's largest corporations digitally transform and adapt to this new world. This is our generation’s version of the industrial revolution.

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Fast Facts About Celonis

  • Celonis began in 2011 in founder and co-CEO Bastian Nominacher’s apartment

  • In just a few short years, the Celonis team has expanded to a size of around 1,000 people with a growing number of offices around the world

  • Celonauts from over 60 different nationalities make up Celonis’ widely-diverse team of innovators

  • In 2018, Celonis achieved the “Unicorn” status, valued at over $1 Billion USD

  • In fall 2019, we received $290 mln in a Series C funding round, giving Celonis a $2.5 billion valuation

  • Oct. 2020: Announcement of Execution Management System - building a complete new software category.

Image - Fast Facts About Celonis-01
Image - Fast Facts About Celonis-01

Team - Product - Future

These are the three core keywords that make Celonis unique as an employer and differentiate us from competitors. At Celonis we combine technical world-market leadership and professionalism with a lot of responsibility, while keeping our start-up mindset.  

Team: We at Celonis are a unique team - international, smart, motivated and helpful. We are focused and concentrated at the right moment and master challenges together. At the same time we enjoy our work and laughing is not forbidden.  

Product: The Celonis Execution Management System is unique worldwide: Cloud-based, it connects a wide variety of data and can then be analysed, visualised, controlled and used for future applications.

Future: At Celonis we are pioneers and first movers. We do not shy away from any challenge, work with foresight, master challenges and look positively into the future.

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