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At Celonis, we celebrate the differences and individuality of all our employees and understand the value of having a variety of experiences, backgrounds, knowledge bases, and perspectives at play in our teams from executives to interns. It's not just a box we want to tick or a quota we want to hit. It's making sure every one of our employees has a sense of belonging and purpose at Celonis.

We are committed to building a company that reflects the diversity of the world in which we live because, well, it's just the right thing to do. That also means fighting for equal opportunity beyond just who we hire. We are always looking for ways to fight for equality and diversity in the workplace and beyond, but we know we have a long way to go.

Our commitment

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

We use a customised recruiting solution which fits our needs. When working through hiring processes we ensure that candidate shortlists are diverse and are fairly representative of society. We take decisions based on data, not on gender, age, race, sexual orientation or other discriminating facts. Implemented this year, this allows our team to view more candidates against each job requisition to ensure equitable approaches to hiring.

License to Hire

License to Hire

Every hiring manager at Celonis needs to undergo a training in which he/she will learn the basics of diverse hiring. They are also introduced to a framework and structure for the interview so that it is welcoming and inclusive for all. Our CEO's have requested that we mandate this approach and managers are only able to recruit upon completion of the training.

Candidate Assessments

Candidate Assessments

Part of our standardized recruiting process are candidate assessments, which help us isolate the best suitable talent while at the same time being blind to names, race, gender, and age. These assessments only focus on human skills and not capability assessments which are often prejudiced by experiences gained through privileged opportunity.

Reference Checks

Reference Checks

Together with our partner HiPeople we implemented a fully automated reference check into our recruiting process to seamlessly collect and analyse in-depth candidate references. This gives hiring teams access to collective and diverse insights on the talent from the people who know them best: their former managers, peers, and reports. HiPeople enables diversity in hiring on different levels: fair & bias-free process, reference colume and gender neutral wording.



We heavily invest into different partnerships & networks like FemTec and WomenHack to make sure we support these initiatives and hire from diverse talent pools.



We have jointly decided not to issue general company quotas. However, each department self regulates in line with the aspiration of creating organisational health through diversity. Diverse hiring is a KPI of the Talent Acquisition organisation. Furthermore, we regularly review our candidate shortlists to ensure that the pipeline is sufficiently diverse. Whilst we don't publish our numbers publically, we consistently outperform other technology companies of our size in gender representation and have 60 nationalities in a company of just over 1,000 people. We continue to sense and learn from data and act and improve accordingly.



Our Talent team conducts bi-weekly learning huddle series to stay ahead of the competition by learning together, sharing experiences and discussing important topics. One of these topics is of course diversity. To get a broader mindset and perspective we also invite external speakers to share their view.

Being Diverse

Our commitment to nurturing a diverse team

aspire diversity

Celonis Aspire

We believe in equal opportunities and in the power of education to pursue one's dreams. So we created Celonis Aspire to combat educational inequality by removing financial barriers and turning educational dreams into real opportunities for global youth. Individuals and organizations can apply online or nominate a deserving candidate with a creative pitch for financial funding. Employees from Celonis will become sponsors providing additional non-financial support to help applicants achieve their educational dreams.


Employee Communities

At Celonis, employees should feel at home, valued and seen. We therefore encourage and support our employees to form employee groups and communities to exchange ideas and experiences, mentor each other, learn and develop projects. Examples include our global Women@Celonis initiative, Pride@Celonis or Diversity@UK office.

Director of Sustainability

Director of Sustainability

We created a new position to ensure that one person, Janina Nakladal, dedicates her full time to these important projects and initiatives. Diversity plays a crucial role in sustaining Celonis' long-term success and creating a sustainable culture. At the same time, we acknowledge that the challenges of our time, like climate change, particularly affect minorities. Therefore our sustainability program and diversity are closely linked.


Training and Educational Resources on Unconscious Bias for every Celonaut

We ensure that every Celonaut makes the best possible decisions in line with our values - in every situation and on a daily basis. We therefore offer and strive to enhance various training options and educational resources on unconscious bias and other hurdles that can impair diversity.



We stand united against injustice in our communities. As a team we donated to Black Lives Matter as well as the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Personal Contribution

Personal Contributions

On their birthday, every employee is given the chance to donate a small amount of money to a social fund of their choice.

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The Celonis Way

Our values are our compass โ€” guiding and inspiring us in everything we do.ย That's the Celonis Way.

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Employee Stories

Read more about our diverse team here.

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