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Impact & Results Webinar

In order to support our customers with an optimal start to their process mining journey with Celonis we have created the success webinar series. The series is aimed at enabling new Celonis users in terms of process mining basics, useful resources, the ideal organizational setup and creating value with Celonis.

The Impact & Results webinar will address the following topics:
โ€ข discover the hidden potential in your data and identify improvement opportunities for your digital transformation
โ€ข analyze any process based on typical methods for use case identification
โ€ข attach a business value to the relevant use cases in order to prioritize your transformation journey
โ€ข improve your processes by converting identified & quantified use cases into realized savings

Date and Time
29th January 2020
15:30-16:30 CET
9:30-10:30 AM ET
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Filloreta linkedin
Filloreta Shahini
Process Mining Consultant

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