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During the past months, COVID-19 has had a strong influence on many manufacturing companies and has played a major role in determining the way they operate. In order to remain competitive, complete transparency of your processes is therefore essential, especially now.

Weโ€™re in the age of ultra-rapid change and ever-increasing business, production, and process complexity in manufacturing. Organization like your's are facing growing business, production, and process complexity across the board, from increased regulatory standards to supply chain volatility to the explosion in available data within production organizations.

According to market research firm IDC, not only are most companies unaware of lost potential due to process weaknesses, 20-30 % of their revenue is lost that way. And this is where Celonis comes in:

Celonis Process Mining helps enterprises optimize each and every operational element for better outcomes, extraordinary experiences and world-class performance. It removes friction from processes, in departments such as Finance, Manufacturing and Supply Chain and helps you discover how processes really run. Use your digital footprint to understand the root causes of process deviations and inefficiency and save millions of dollars each year. Become a superfluid enterprise. Today.

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How can Celonis support Continental?

Optimizing Production Processes

Celonis enables production leaders to discover improvement potential, enhance processes on the go and constantly monitor improvements- like never before.
Precisely identify and remove friction that gets in the way of accurate production
planning, seamless production lines, optimal machine utilization, and top-notch quality to achieve breakthrough performance:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Minimize Waste
  • Ensure Quality

Frictionless Finance

Now more than ever, finance has the opportunity to drive grwoth __across the enterprise. __

Process Mining is helping finance departments everywhere and to tackle some of their biggest pain points by identifying and removing operational friction:

  • Optimize Working Capital
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Managing Risk and Compliance

Discover Frictionless Finance and optimize your processes to deliver the outcomes Continental really wants.

Supply Chain Excellence

Between increasing customer expectations for shorter fulfillment timeframes, lower tolerance for late or incomplete deliveries, and growing costs and volatility, Supply Chain leaders are under pressure to deliver more with less.

With Celonis, leaders are improving profitability and ensuring seamless customer experience by leveraging needed visibility to the most impactful causes behind delays or rising costs, proactively intervening to improve efficiency and reduce waste, and monitoring performance across every tier of the Supply Chain. Continental, achieve greater competitiveness and customer satisfaction with Celonis:

  • Maximize On-Time, In-Full Delivery
  • Optimize Inventory
  • Increase Productivity

Engineering Change Management

Timely date-driven decision-making by provoding vivibility to all process levels - from strategical to operational.

  • Optimize Efficiency and Process Accuracy
  • Improve Compliance and Punctuality
  • Increase Savings

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