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During the past months, COVID-19 has had a strong influence on manufacturing companies and has played a major role in determining the way they operate. In order to remain competitive, complete transparency of processes is therefore essential, especially in times like these.

According to market research firm IDC, not only are most companies unaware of lost potential due to process weaknesses, 20-30 % of their revenue is lost that way. And this is where Celonis comes in:

Celonis' process mining and AI-enhanced technology helps enterprises optimize each and every operational element for better outcomes, extraordinary experiences and world-class performance. It removes friction from processes, in departments such as Finance, Manufacturing and Supply Chain and helps you discover your processes as they are and continuosly improve them through AI and automation. Use your digital footprint to understand the root causes of process deviations and inefficiency and save millions of dollars each year.ย 

Uncover the full potential of Celonis process mining at Hilti. Today.

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Join our Process Excellence Week at Hilti

From August 31st-September 3rd Celonis and Hilti will be hosting their first Process Excellence Week.

Be part of this week and discover what value Celonis can bring to your Supply Chain, Finance, Production and Marketing & Sales processes.


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Discover solutions for Hilti

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Hiltiโ€™s approach on innovation together with process & customer centric execution is unique and just the perfect fit for Celonis. I am very happy to be part of the team and the journey.

Max Bergengruen
Customer Success Manager