Discover a new path to optimized quality and throughput

Manufacturing organizations are facing growing business, production, and process complexity across the board, from increased regulatory standards to supply chain volatility to the explosion in available data within production organizations.

Celonis enables production leaders to discover improvement potential, enhance processes on the go and constantly monitor improvements - like never before.

Precisely identify and remove friction that gets in the way of accurate production planning, seamless assembly lines, optimal machine utilization, and efficient warehousing to transform experiences and achieve breakthrough performance.

Learn how the world’s leading enterprises are accelerating production performance across plants with Celonis Process Mining by discovering the root causes of quality or planning issues and delays, enhancing processes to improve reliability and drive throughput, and monitoring performance to ensure continuous improvement.

Welcome to frictionless production.

Car Manufacturer

Shorter throughput time
Higher Automation Rate
Higher machine utilization

Optimize your inventory and workforce to truly meet your demand

Gain instant transparency into manufacturing process inefficiencies, from the entry of the production order all the way through the quality inspection, warehousing and delivery.

Determine which contracts were produced before or after the desired date, why and the downstream business impact.

Reduce re-work by creating in-process alerts and actions that highlight potential quality issues prior to testing. Watch the demo to see Celonis at work.

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