Celosphere Live 2020 Session

AVNET - How To Assess Organizational Readiness For Achieving Purchase-to-Pay Excellence Quickly And Leverage Celonis To Analyze COVID-19 Impact On The Supply Chain

Hear in this session from Stefan Maurer, Vice President of Enterprise Effectiveness, how AVNET implemented Celonis in their Purchase-to-Pay process to gain understanding of their early deliveries and have a positive impact on their working capital. Find out how they prepared their organizational readiness that allowed them to make Celonis their first global rollout of an IT project. Learn also how, during the COVID-19 crisis, AVNET is leveraging Celonis to instantly react on specific confirmation dates changes from suppliers of particular materials in the world. This allows them to understand which direction expected delivery dates are changing so they can preempt the impact on AVNET's integrated supply chain.

  • Stefan Maurer, Vice President of Enterprise Effectiveness, AVNET

Celosphere Live Session Preview
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