Newsflash: CFOs own process excellence now.

Hear it from the UK's The Sunday Times

You already know the role of the CFO is changing. You’ve seen it yourself

The Sunday Times have just published their annual ‘the Future CFO’ report, and the results are in — CFOs are increasingly in charge of driving business transformation.

We all know businesses need to transform in order to keep up with rising customer expectations and the imperative to innovate. And the CFO is ideally placed at the center of it all — so who better to drive those initiatives?

The future of CFO

Insight into processes as they actually are across teams, systems and silos. The reality is often much messier than expected and you need to embrace the reality before you can optimize it.


Forget post-its and interviews. A data-driven picture of your processes means you take subjective conversations out of the equation and build a business case for change.


The finance function is now the best-placed to make the decisions that matter. It’s time they stepped up to be the business transformation leaders.

How Process Mining can help

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How Process Mining can help

We know a thing or two about streamlining processes and driving successful business transformation. Process Mining technology helps finance leaders across the globe from organizations such as Vodafone, GSK and Uber gain objective, data-driven visibility over their processes and continuously improve them.

Find out how you can transform your business operations by reading our feature in The Sunday Times ‘2019 The Future CFO’ report (page 8).

Find out how Celonis and Process Mining can help you and your team stay ahead of the game.

business leaders

admit they do not look at their internal processes before starting a transformation initiative

finance leaders

don’t know where to start when developing their transformation strategy


would feel more confident in their transformation strategy if they had better visibility into how their business is being run