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Turn Process Insights into Action: How to use Process Mining to identify and realize value

How to use Process Mining to identify and realize value

Applying process mining on your data can give you a tremendous insight into your processes. However, insight is worthless without taking corrective action.

Join our seminar on the 21st of February and learn how other customers are succesfully using Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud to takes the next strategic digital transformation.

Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud drives Business Transformation

The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud - IBC - does not only give you a 100% transparent view on your business processes, but also identifies root causes for inefficiencies. Every user (human or virtual) in an organization then automatically gets recommendations in real-time to take corrective action and prevent mistakes from actually happening.

About Bright Cape: Bright Cape helps you extract insight and recommendations from your data, embed the story and educate your organisation to turn data into value. We have a Process Mining Center of Excellence with highly skilled process mining professionals. They bring many years of experience in successful deployment of process mining to increase efficiency, speed and compliance - at many different organizations and systems. Bright Cape has been strategic implementation partner of Celonis since 2015.


14:30 - Reception
15:00 - Introduction Bright Cape
15:10 - Introduction Celonis & Intelligent Business Cloud
15:30 - Customer speaker 1
16:00 - Coffee break
16:15 - Customer speaker 2
16:45 - Closing
17:15 - Drinks & networking
18:00 - End

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