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Getting Started with Celonis Webinar

Welcome to the Getting Started with Celonis Webinar

This webinar is designed to offer you an optimal start to your process mining journey with Celonis and is the first webinar to kick-off of our three parted Success Webinar series. During this webinar, we aim to provide you with a brief introduction to Process Mining, and how Celonis has approached this topic. Furthermore, we will give you an overview about the different resources and support options within Celonis, in order for you to have an optimal start.

Join us on
16th of February

Congratulations for starting your Celonis Intelligent Process Mining Journey!

What is Process Mining

We will explain to you the fundamental of the process mining technology and how it can support you in improving your business processes.

Celonis Process Mining

The webinar will introduce you to Celonis Intelligent Process Mining and demonstrate its core features and basic functionalities to you.

Resources and Support

You will learn about the various Celonis resources and support points, such as the Celonis community, academy and our customer success team.


Learn first hand from our distinguished Customer Success and Professional Services Teams!

Operational Excellence Manager
Marcel Pohlmann
Junior Operational Excellence Manager
What does Celonis do?
What is process mining?
How can I get support?

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