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Adoption and Governance Webinar

Welcome to the Celonis Adoption and Governance Webinar

This webinar is designed to get the most value out of Celonis by reaching full enterprise usage. Furthermore, it will help you identify the right resources to meet demand from business and support adoption proactively. This involves the evaluation of whether your organizational structure fits your companyโ€™s culture and to set Celonis ownership accordingly. Finally, through this webinar, you will be able to identify and involve your Business stakeholders to drive Celonis within your company.

Join us on
22nd of July

Welcome to the Adoption and Governance Webinar


Understand why the organizational setup is key to a successful transformation. The prosperous usage of Celonis is not only about implementation but also about goal-oriented utilization.


Learn how to choose the right organizational model with our question-driven approach. Understand the main goals, the status quo as well as key roles and responsibilities in your initiative.


Learn from our customers best practices such as Vodafone, Bosch and AkzoNobel. Experience initiative starting points, current situations and key learnings of successful customers in depth.


Learn first hand from our distinguished Customer Success Team!

Anna Winter.jpg
Anna Winter
Customer Success Manager
christoph michael.jpg
Christoph Michael
Senior Customer Success Manager
What does my right organizational setup look like?
Who has to take Celonis Ownership?
How are business stakeholders to be involved?

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