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Gain process visibility with Celonis

At Coca Cola, you understand that a successful and responsible business needs an ever-greater focus on the impact it leaves behind. As such, you have set ambitions plans to have fully recyclable packaging by 2025, you aim to meet your 2030 water strategy, as well as achieve net zero by 2050. These are huge asks, but there’s lots at stake if Coke wants to continue delighting customers with product they can trust. This is where Celonis comes in. We can help you gain full visibility and control over your end-to-end processes and enable you to make your next best actions in real time – like how you sustainably source ingredients or encourage suppliers to be sustainable. We enable fact-based decision-making to prioritize sustainability across your existing processes. We can then enable greater agility, effectively future proofing your business to meet the needs of an evolving marketplace. Our process mining technology uses a systematic approach to optimize your processes. Gain operational excellence through streamlined, integrated activities with a lower carbon footprint. Maximize your capacity to execute and increase your business potential.

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Q&A: How Celonis delivers extra value

How does Coca Cola build an efficient supply chain?

Customers expect shorter fulfilment times and have a lower tolerance for delivery errors. Against a backdrop of growing costs and volatility, your supply team is under pressure to deliver more with less. Celonis can help unlock capacity to optimize delivery.

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How can Coca Cola deliver on its sustainability goals?

Transparency of data across processes can help you hit your sustainability objectives. With Celonis, gain data driven visibility across all processes. Prioritizing growth over sustained success isn’t a tradeoff companies need to make. There’s a way to achieve better outcomes, without increasing resources.

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How can Coca Cola consolidate its networked organization?

Ensure flawless processes between key departments by quickly identifying risks and opportunities. Celonis helps identify and eliminate gaps across end-to-end processes so you can gain an accurate, unbiased view of your processes and the means to act on your insights.

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How can Coca Cola maximize free cash flow conversion?

Optimize inventory and increase productivity to free up working capital - Celonis helps unlock and maximize your execution capacity with real-time data ingestion, process and task mining, simulations, visualizations, and automation of actions.

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Together, we can operationalize carbon reduction

Discover how to operationalize the reduction of carbon emissions.


Celonis helps build sustainable supply chains

With $13 trillion spent each year by the Top 500 companies, procurement offers a massive opportunity for driving global sustainability. As a partner if EcoVadis, we can integrate ratings into Coca-Cola’s process to make sustainability a purchasing decision priority.

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What is the Celonis Execution Management System?

Process mining using the information stored in event logs to analyze and gain control over the underlying processes through which your business functions. Celonis’s world-leading Execution Management System (EMS) is an intelligent layer on top of your existing systems. It leverages process mining technology to extract and analyze event data in real time. Using AI and an in-memory patented database to sift through terabytes of system process and desktop user data, the EMS’s Core Mining Engine creates a “Digital Twin” of Coca Cola. It identifies the execution gaps (bottlenecks, waste, inefficiencies) in your processes, knows which ones have the biggest impact on your execution capacity, and triggers real time automated actions to eliminate those gaps. We can help you to improve Coca Cola piece by piece, in a way that supports your high-level transformation ambitions and generates long-term value.

How it works:

1. Measures execution capacity in real time, identifying execution gaps 2. Knows the best course of action to close those gaps 3. Takes automatic, intelligent action to immediately remove them The Celonis effect

• 22% Shorter throughput time • 15% Higher machine utilization • 19% Higher automation rate

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“With Celonis, we enable business process mining analytics capabilities to drive process transformation, efficiencies and compliance.”

Vini Cardoso
Global Demand & Delivery Director – Finance

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