Luncheon Series

Rethinking Accounts Payable Lunch & Learn

Luncheon Series

Rethinking Accounts Payable Lunch & Learn

About this Weekโ€™s Theme: Optimizing Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

Processing invoices as productively as possible and paying at exactly the right time can have a huge strategic impact on working capital, operating margins and effective cash preservation. Yet for most AP departments, that kind of impact is nothing but a pipe dream โ€” because chronic operational friction is bogging down their processes. So, we are breaking it down, one paint point at a time.

In this week's lunch and learn, we will dive into how to optimize your DPO. We don't need to tell you about the pains tied to finding out the invoice payment terms and the purchase order payment terms don't match - you know all about that!

So, instead we will dive into how you can ensure not to waste your time on these corrections. Join us as we explain how Celonis' analytical application works and allows you to:

  • Auto-match payment terms

  • Recommend preferable payment terms

  • Automatically update terms and notify the vendor

Celonis & AP

After speaking to over 800 global Celonis customers, it became clear that Accounts Payable is the quickest lever to pull for working capital impact. Yet, anywhere from 15-30% of invoices are often paid unnecessarily early. So, Celonis developed an operational application that intelligently optimizes AP processes for outcomes. Join our bi-weekly luncheons in which we elaborate on solutions to make your life easier.ย ย 

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