Celonaut Spotlight: Luisa Muรฑoz

Celonaut Spotlight: Luisa Muรฑoz, Senior Customer Success Manager EMEA South

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Juli 28, 2020
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What makes working at Celonis special for you?

I truly believe in our product and I know we are having an impact at our customers helping them work better, smoothly, efficiently and strongly reducing unnecessary costs. Also, I completely identify myself with the Celonis Values and I am very impressed to see that we truly live by our Values.

Which advice would you give to less experienced talent who are just starting their career?

I would advise young talent to only start working at companies that inspire them, where they know they can have an impact and they will leave things (for example at the customer, but also in general on earth) better than when they started. Itโ€™s decisive for your future, success and happiness that you believe in what you do and that your job enthuses you every day.

Which key qualifications should applicants have to join your department?

In my eyes, to be an amazing Customer Success Manager you need to ...

  • Be strategic in order to understand the whole picture and advise your customers well.

  • Care about your customer problems as if they were your own and solve them as efficiently and sustainable as possible.

  • Be an excellent networker internally and at the customers, so that you always know who to approach when you need support and that you are highly visible at the customer due to your impactful results.

What challenges do you face every day and how do you deal with them?

The first challenge that comes to my mind is that our team and our product portfolio are continuously growing, and it is highly relevant that we stay up to date. The second one is that sometimes our customers internally donโ€™t have the capacities needed in order to exploit all the potentials our products offer. In those cases, we need to support and guide them.

How does a typical day at Celonis look like for you?

There actually is no typical day at Celonis, which is really exciting! I can spend a day strategizing and planning on my own (at home), then another one with colleagues working on problem solving (in the office) or travelling to Portugal to meet a new customer. I love the variety!

Describe your team at Celonis in three words.

Full of life, supportive and highly competent.

You are one of the first employees starting in our new Center of Excellence for international tech talent in Madrid. Tell us, what is unique about Madrid and joining Celonis there?

At all our offices we own the business, but in Madrid we are starting from scratch, so we can really shape every little detail of this new region and business. And for that we are looking for great talent, so we will be surrounded by amazing colleagues that will push and support all of us getting to our personal best.

Luisa, Senior Customer Success Manager EMEA South, joined Celonis in the Center of Excellence in Madrid in July 2020. She holds a major in Industrial Engineering and has more than 11 years of working experience in different industries, lately as a the Head of Customer Experience Planning at an agency for Customer Centricity.

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