Introducing Celonis Snap: Process Mining for All
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Introducing Celonis Snap: Process Mining for All

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von Alexander Rinke
Juni 24, 2019
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Our Vision: Process Mining for All

Over the past few decades, weโ€™ve all witnessed the incredible power of technology and the internet to connect people, transform industries, and reshape the way we live and work. At Celonis, we are fortunate enough to be at the forefront of a new wave of enterprise technology that will change how businesses operate.

Process Mining is a groundbreaking technology that has emerged in just the past few years, and weโ€™re proud to have been a pioneer in the field. Process Mining empowers companies to turn complex business processes into extraordinary experiences for their customers and their employees. And itโ€™s already on its way to becoming a critical tool for companies seeking to accelerate operational performance in todayโ€™s highly fragmented IT landscape.

But despite its growing popularity, for many people Process Mining can still seem complicated, difficult to understand, or justโ€ฆ a bit out of reach.

Our goal is to change that.

Thatโ€™s why today, Iโ€™m thrilled to announce our new initiative โ€œProcess Mining for Allโ€ to ensure universal access to process mining. Weโ€™ll be taking our first big step with the launch of Celonis Snap, the worldโ€™s first free and open process mining platform!

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Celonis Snap: Process Mining for the Enterprise of Any Size

We work with some of the worldโ€™s most recognizable brands, including Siemens, Vodafone, and Lโ€™ร“real. With the help of Celonis, these Process Mining leaders are able to discover, enhance, and monitor their processes like never before โ€” and deliver transformational business value.

But as a community, weโ€™ve only scratched the surface. Most of the companies that have embraced Process Mining so far have been larger enterprises, and even within those corporations, there is still huge untapped potential.

Our vision is to lower the barrier to entry so that every department within every business of every shape and size has an opportunity to experience the power of Process Mining.

Now, with Celonis Snap, anyone can get started with the Intelligent Business Cloud, process mining software โ€” completely for free.

This furthers our vision toward all companies becoming the Superfluid Enterprise. Superfluid Enterprises are continually transforming โ€“ always optimizing their core operations to support outstanding customer experiences.

Consumers have been gravitating towards Superfluid experiences for years โ€“ in the way they shop, consume entertainment, travel, and more. Unlike friction which introduces obstacles and interruptions, with extraordinary experiences flow feels natural. This flow of invisible back-end processes producing fast, effortless, personalized convenience that is now an expectation. Superfluidity also transforms the way people work and collaborate, primarily because theyโ€™re freed from fighting against friction. With Snap we hope to introduce this fluidity to all types and sizes of processes and organizations across the globe.

How Celonis Snap Will Change the Process Mining Game

The Celonis Experience, Reimagined for the Needs of Smaller Companies

Snap is not just a free version of our enterprise-grade product โ€” which will now be called Celonis Enterprise. With Snap, weโ€™re introducing a completely new tier of the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud, which weโ€™ve redesigned for the needs of individual users, smaller companies and startups. The main difference is that in Snap, youโ€™ll primarily work with flat files โ€” data exported from the system where your process lives.

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New Features for Self-Guidance

Weโ€™re also introducing new user-friendly features that make using Snapโ€ฆ a snap! This includes step-by-step guidance and built-in resources, like video walk-throughs. And of course, Snap is part of our Intelligent Business Cloud, so thereโ€™s nothing to install. Just sign up with your email or your LinkedIn profile, and youโ€™ll be mining your first process in no time!

A Global Process Mining Community

We canโ€™t wait to see how the community grows with the introduction of Snap. We hope that members of the business intelligence and data science communities will take this opportunity to get hands-on with Process Mining and see what itโ€™s all about. And of course, all Snap users are invited to join the Celonis Community to connect with process miners around the globe.

How to Get Started with Snap

You can register for Snap today at

And join us for our launch webinars starting next week!

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Alexander Rinke
Mitgrรผnder und Co-CEO

Alex Rinke ist Mitgrรผnder und Co-CEO von Celonis.

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