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5 questions to Pekka Hiltunen, Senior UX Designer

The Celonis Gladiators

Fast. Dangerous. Invincible.

Yes, your are right. We are talking about the CELONIS GLADIATORS.

This year, they joined the B2 run and achieved the legendary x place. Check out the pictures of these brave warriors.

Celonis goes Brixlegg

Call it a week - the Celonis` Friday evening beer


with my beer,

I sit,

and watch golden moments flit

– Georg Arnold

Every Friday at 6pm, our beloved well being manager Mette forces us to leave our desks and enjoy one (or two, or three) ice cold beers along with tons of delicious and unhealthy snacks.

Oans, Zwoa, Drei...Oktoberfest!

There is this one thing that always gives us away as a german company: our love for a good, cold beer. Therefore, Oktoberfest in Munich (which is located only 5 minutes from our office) is one of our annually must do`s!

Celonis goes IKOM

Of course, we regularly take part in student and job faires, giving you the option of getting to know us in a casual way 🙂

Happy Hackathon 28/10/2016 - 30/10/2016

After the great success of our first two hackathons we decided to make it a regular Celonis event, and at least organise one every half a year.

In other words, be prepared for the third and most spooky Celonis hackathon!!!

More details coming soon…

The legendary Hack 'a' laus

Christmas time came and we decided to throw a litte Nikolaus party. However, as the IT guys we are, we couldn’t help but to ad a litte tech flavour to what would otherwise have been a boring gathering with probably lots of punch. The result was our first Hackathon, the legendary Hack’a’laus. For 48 hours, boys and girls with different IT skills camped at the Celonis HQ in Munich and coded day and night. (To be honest, still a lot of punch was involved)

Frühlingsfest - O'zapft is!

One of the best things about our office is that it is located just a five minutes walk away from the Theresienwiese. No matter if the Wiesn itself is taking place or if it’s the Wiesn litte sister, the Frühlingsfest. The celonis crew will be there!


Bang Bang, my baby shoot me down

“I love the smell of paint in the morning”

– Lieutenant Mette Lintrup

From time to time, even we IT guys like to spend “afk”. However, we are not the take-a-walk-in-the-park-guys. No, far too boring for us. As our wonderful well being manager Lieutenant Mette Lintrup knows this, she took us on an amazing trip to a paintball hall in Munich and finally, all the time playing Call of Duty paid off (told you so, Mom!)







< Hack> into Mai

As the first Hackathon was such a great success, we coudn’t resist and threw a second Hackathon on the 1st of May. Five amazing teams participated and gave their very best during 48 thrilling hours. Sound exciting? Well, it is! Check out our upcoming events to see when the next Hackathon at Celonis takes place!

SAP Innovation Award

We are Celonis. Despite only being founded in 2011 we have quickly grown into one oft he most successful Startups in the area of Big Data Analytics. This year we were rewarded with the SAP Innovation Award, for the third time in a row! If YOU want to be part of a dedicated and highly talented team then check out our jobs page. We are looking forward to meeting you!