Execution Apps

Maximieren Sie Ihre Execution Capacity

Execution Apps

Celonis Execution Apps empower business users to apply data and intelligence to how they sell, ship, collect, buy and pay — without having to swap out or change the underlying transaction systems. The apps identify execution gaps, know which ones have the biggest business impact, and the best-in-class approach to fix them. They act by automating routine decisions and, when necessary, activate the right people to take action — so your department can execute at its full potential.

The power of the Celonis EMS inside every app.

Every app includes the full capabilities of the Celonis Execution Management System

Real-time Data

Integrates data across systems, desktops, documents, and event streams.

100+ Process Connectors

Process Intelligence

X-Rays processes for inefficiencies and recommends improvements

500+ pre-built Apps

Targeted Action

Executes on insights automatically and orchestrates your existing technologies

1,000+ Integrations

blueprint --600

EMS Capabilities

Real-time Data Ingestion

Real Time Data Ingestion gets data from your entire process ecosystem into Celonis.

Process and Task Mining

Process and Task Mining show you exactly what is happening in your business.

Planning and Simulation

Planning and Simulation lets you model and simulate future-state processes to understand the impact of your decisions.

Visual and Daily Management

Visual and Daily Management delivers proactive insights, prioritized tasks, recommendations, and suggested automations to every team member.

Action Flows

Action Flows give you the ability to execute and automate actions across all your underlying systems.

Entwickeln Sie Ihre eigene Execution App

Sie vermissen die perfekte App für Ihren Use Case? Werden Sie Teil unseres Ökosystems von Kunden, Partnern und Drittentwicklern, die mit dem Celonis Studio ihre eigenen maßgeschneiderten Lösungen entwickeln.

Celonis Studio
Celonis Studio

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