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How does Celonis Process Automation work?

Automate actions across multiple applications

Process Automation ensures you can reach your desired process outcome even when you need to take action in multiple systems. With pre-built integrations to all major enterprise applications, Celonis can trigger specific actions in real time in any source system: SAP, Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, and more.

Connect process steps without writing code

The easy-to-use, drag-and-drop workflow builder allows business analyst to quickly create workflows, so that you can accelerate processes by connecting applications - without waiting for IT developers to write custom code.

Customize workflows to your teams and processes

Customized business logic and personalized integrations ensure that you can automatically take specific actions in downstream applications, based on process conditions and as if you were acting as a specific user.

Process Automation in Action

Process Automation empowers your teams to focus on what matters, keeps systems up-to-date, and automatically accelerates operational flow.

Screenshot - Process Automation - Connection Points

Pre-Built Integrations and Enterprise APIs

Easily connect to source systems with secure, point-and-click connections with full support for RESTful or SOAP integrations.

Screenshot - Process Automation - Workflow Builder

Point-and-Click Workflow Builder

Build secure, enterprise-grade workflows rapidly, with application-specific form-based integrations and pre-configured actions.

Process Automation Screenshot

Business-Centric Workflow Logic

Deploy workflows that use conditional logic, based on contextual information specific to the individual case ID. Take action in downstream systems as a specific user, to ensure proper tracking and auditing of updates to systems.

Screenshot - Process Automation - Action Engine Triggers

Real-Time Triggers for Action Engine

Set up Action Engine triggers to watch for conditions in real time and have Process Automation take an immediate action in a downstream system. Keep data in underlying systems up-to-date and proactively eliminate downstream friction points.


โ€œWith Celonis, weโ€™re able to link different processes in an interconnected way. Now, we can look at our contracts and sales processes together, so we can rethink, review, and redefine KPIs.โ€

Ricardo Henriques
Deputy Director, Technology Transformation Programs & Automation
EDP Comercial
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