Lunch&Learn Series

Process Mining for Chemical & Pharma companies in a nutshell

The S/4Hana Migration Lunch & Learn
Lunch&Learn Series

Process Mining for Chemical & Pharma companies in a nutshell

Chemical and Pharma companies face the great challenge of ensuring reliable supply chains, optimizing costs and digitizing their own business model in order to be successful in a highly regulated market. Yet for many companies, that kind of impact is nothing but a vision โ€” because chronic operational friction is bogging down their processes. In this lunch and learn, weโ€™ll explore strategies to achieve Process Excellence across your entire value chain. We will dive into how you can discover the friction points standing between you and optimal processes and the steps you can take to enhance your business performance. Join us as we explain how Celonis allows you to:

  • Understand your end-to-end processes

  • Discover friction points standing between you and operational excellence

  • Implement automated solutions to remove friction

  • Significantly improve customer experience

Celonis in the Chemical and Pharma Sector

After speaking to over 800 global Celonis customers, it became clear that thereโ€™s more urgency than ever to ensure process efficiency and achieve operational excellence through the whole value chain. Celonis helps leaders intelligently optimize processes for outcomes that matter like cost optimization, productivity, and supplier reliability. Join our lunch&learn series in which we elaborate on solutions to make your life easier.

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Christopher Mรผhlhausen
Christopher Mรผlhausen