Luncheon Series

Frictionless Order Management

Luncheon Series

Frictionless Order Management

Frictionless Order Management Lunch & Learn

About this Weekโ€™s Theme: A new look at Productivity

Delivering on-time, every time, increasing productivity of order operations and improving customer experience, have an often underestimated impact on corporate objectives. Yet for operations and customer service leaders, achieving this requires a new level of insight into daily processes and an increased ability to turn these insights into meaningful process improvements.ย ย So, we are breaking it down, one optimization opportunity at a time.

In this week's lunch and learn, weโ€™ll explore strategies to make sense of productivity, move beyond KPIs, and incorporate root cause and outcome-oriented thinking. Join us as we explain how Celonis allows you to:

  • Identify non-value-add transfers to eliminate orders that lengthen throughput time

  • Prevent delays in transportation by using optimized routes based on real-time order and shipping data

  • Monitor the impact on critical KPIs

    Celonis & Order Management

After speaking to over 800 global Celonis customers, it became clear that thereโ€™s more urgency than ever to increase productivity and reliability of order operations.ย  Celonis helps leadersย  intelligently optimize Order Management processes for outcomes that matter like on-time delivery, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Join our bi-weekly luncheons in which we elaborate on solutions to make your life easier.

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