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Celonis Academic Alliance Launches Free E-Learning Program to Certify 100,000 students to Become Intelligent Business Transformers

December 12, 2018

With over 10,000 academic users at hundreds of universities in over 25 countries, Celonis sets its sights on the next generation of process innovators

December 13, 2018 (New York City, USA and Munich, Germany) Celonis, the leader in business transformation software, today announced that the Celonis Academic Alliance has launched a global academic e-learning program to prepare the next generation for the future of intelligent business transformation. Through this program, every student, teacher and researcher on a global level gains access to The Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud โ€“ for free.

โ€œCelonis was founded at the Technical University of Munich based on original algorithms that came from academia in the Netherlands, so we have a natural link to the academic world and understand the power of students seeking innovative solutions through technology,โ€ said Alexander Rinke, Co-CEO at Celonis. โ€œWe are setting a goal to reach 100,000 students globally because we believe in the exponential effect and impact they can have by applying their knowledge to make companies more productive and effective.โ€

Process Mining is a technology that helps companies capture the flow of information through their operational systems to understand potential process improvements for new โ€“ and in many cases, automated โ€“ processes to transform businesses. Achieving Process Mining Expert status is possible by completing the online Celonis Process Mining Training on the Academic Cloud (https://www.celonis-academic.com/) to earn a valuable certificate that shows competency has been developed in a skillset that can advance studentsโ€™ careers. Students can list this certificate on their resume, which helps companies find the best talent for their intelligent business.

The Celonis Academic Alliance is a global initiative that aims to support education and research in the area of Process Mining and Analytics for business transformation. The academic program offers an entire Process Mining learning track, as well as training and support for teachers. Its global partner network has over 150 members that foster learning in Process Mining through teaching and research. Celonis also provides guest lectures and workshops on Process Mining around the globe.

โ€œStudents of today invest heavily in their education. It is our task as teachers to empower them for a successful future career. Adding process mining to our curricula on Information Systems provides students with knowledge about an innovative, business-relevant technology that allows them to learn about how to improve business performance at the intersection people, process and technology,โ€ said Viswanath Venkatesh, Distinguished Professor and Billingsley Chair in Information Systems at the Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas. โ€œUsing Celonis as a tool helps build this competency that they can leverage in many enterprises. Celonisโ€™ partnership with us this year, both in our undergraduate and masters courses, was tremendously valuable.โ€œ

Celonis has academic partners in over 25 countries across North America, Europe, LATAM and APAC including: Cornell University, Georgia State University, University of Alabama, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Leeds, RWTH Aachen, University of Mannheim, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Pontificia Universidad Catรณlica de Chile, University of Melbourne, and Sophia University Tokyo.

For more information on Celonis Academic Alliance, teaching materials, research or upcoming academic events go to: https://www.celonis.com/academic-alliance/

About Celonis

Celonis is the New York- and Munich-based leader in business transformation software, turning process insights into action with the process mining technology it pioneered. Its Intelligent Business Cloud allows organizations to rapidly understand and improve the operational backbone of their business. Companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis technology to guide action and drive change to business processes, resulting in millions of dollars saved and an improved experience for their customers.

Contact: Maria Scurry, Celonis, m.scurry@celonis.com, 781-366-7617

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