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Celonis Snap: Process Mining for All

Turn Processes into Extraordinary Experiences


Get an as-is snapshot of your business processes by connecting any operational system. Visualize the way your processes really work and identify friction points.


Engage users with proactive friction-reducing recommendations. Use our AI-powered business rules engine to maximize business outcomes.


Track process improvement over time and improve continuously with internal and external process benchmarking. Ensure processes are always โ€œaudit-readyโ€ with conformance checking.

Limitless, Cloud-Powered Scale

The Most Advanced Features

Access cutting-edge, AI-powered tools like Celonis Action Engine and Transformation Center, so you can turn process insights into continuous improvements.

Any Process, Any System

Unlimited Data

Schedule data loads as frequently as by-the-minute, or as a one-time event.

The Future of Enterprise Performance Acceleration

Celonis creates immediate and sustainable transparency in companies. The Deloitte Center of Process Bionics successfully combines the unique technology with process and industry expertise to solve complex business challenges.

Olly Salzmann
Partner, Deloitte Center of Process Bionics

Process Mining is about empowering decision makers with analytics that will eradicate gut-feeling decision-making and enable the data-driven organization of the future.

Israel Expรณsito Peraza
Head of SCM Data Governance & Analytics at Vodafone
Process Mining for the Enterprise of Any Size
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