Replace large GIFs with video
Remove duplicated helpers that exists on helper_functions.rb and config.rb bg effect
Find Partner salesforce integration
Slowroll component changes, accepts cards
Dropbox integration
Use Netlify build plugins instead of middleman sitemap
Section breakers video play button anim
Better transitions for appearing content
Standstill parallax effect
Snap signup endlessly loads social media icons?
Fix Footer Issue
Make landing page logo link to if no subpages exist
Implement inline quote component
Upcoming Events and Webinars page
Add to sandbox instructions about reporting issues with content and techical
Check if snap user already exists
Make into progressive web app
Editor config
Marketing cookies for snap and webinar form submission: Needs more info
Text and Video Section - Video playing bug
create 404 for vue single file components
Webpack bundling for
Design 404
skyrim board
Micro blogs for microsites
To do
Speaker & Quote slider changes
Celodam v3 designs + customer stories
Charts component POC
Theming to FTAI
STAI Video pausing when fullscreening
fix logo component on mobile
make STAI max width smaller
Middleman server for live preview?
POC fading sections
Question answer -inline component
Story appearance 2
Find out how many SERPs
Investigate encryption of input values (pardot)
Extend KPI component to work with logos
Make card carousel accept same stuff as new TABS comp
Collection component docs
Unscrew the headline markup
Wrap last word of link into span together with arrow
TAI image issue
In Progress
get rid of getJobs from preescreen
Logo Section v2
Table component
Personalization topic
Global search
Review / waiting for deploy
Component list page
Search modal
Change STAI button styling into link styling
Sitemap issue
load advanced_list_vue.js conditionally
Migrate card component & card section titles to their respective "component title" fields
Use picture tag for all images that have
Training signup flow minor changes
Add page language to form submissions
Heatmap & IA & usability
New appearance option for TAV/TAI
Old webinar page can be removed
Center version for Hero-component
Finish recipes and add to sandbox
Increase article card spacing on pages like blog
Img on vue advanced list component
New cards
Icons to KPI component
New personal webinar forms
Fix landing page logo issue when no subpages exist
Include inline scripts for embedded block in richtext in deeper level of components
Combile carousels
New Homepage designs
Navbar available to Landing pages
Accept also mailto: all lowercase at localized_link
Conditional fields?
Image zoom minor bugs
Revert masthead back to original
CTA option to submenu component
New blog category
Buttons reformation
Image block section illustrations
Card carousel v2
merge speakers and quote slider
Video: New navigation
Video: Bookmarklet
Video to social media sharing
Investigate japanese microsite Shirley issue
Migrate personal webinar email flow to pardot
App Section image bug
Open entry in Contentful bookmarklet
Add your local time to lead generation component as new field
set up
Add webinar link integration into google calendar
Make TAV look like TAI
STAI list marker bug
Fix navbar for iOS
TAV new design
Rich text parsing error
Text component implementation
Get started page footer is broken
Get Started redesign
write nite workflow to guides section
New footer
Cards-section design
Add new navbar docs into sandbox
Make subnav replace normal menu on scroll
Section spacing fixes
Hero component's image broken
Change English Webinar URL
Filters on ALS seems to returning too many results
Make entire card a link -feature
Make entire card-component clickable
fix bug in tabs section
Display A/B test results in Contentful
Shirley to run entire build process
Show upcoming webinars in notifications
STAI & TAI image zoom
Equal Options Component
Set sitemain top margin based on whether on not local storage key for "top banner closed" exists
change top banner hiding to use body.class instead of js dom manip
Advanced list item should use fill mode?
Tarkista lennot suomeen
    inline component
CrazyEgg integration
Webinar videos /webinar-videos/ form submissions not working according to Kathryn.
Live stream component
Design section h2 styling
Detach small-image-and-text from parent component
Convert card description into richtext
/getting-started/ page weirdly broken
KPI section add title & desc
Event tracking improvements
design new footer CTA section
Make submenu item highlighted when if item is a deeplink
Livestream component + documentation
Text section Left/Right alignment options
Video player errors (only when 2 players on same page)
Make vidyard js load async or deferred
Investigate why Celonis Snap toast is not working.
Add new log in option
Change webinar URL for english webinars
Convert /contentful into proper new-editor-getting-started-page
Video background option for all components with background-image
Blog Related reading
tabs design change?
Merge Billboard component with Hero component
Create a live-blog page that is instantly updated
Investigate b and i tags issue on article component
Change behavior of base-theme UI-extension for fullscreen-text-and-image -component
landing page mobile navigation is broken
Investigate top tab section
Superfluid text component
Re-structure sandbox documentation
Store snap sign up flow -state
Text and image / video sections need support for multiple CTA buttons
Celonis Device Library
Testing checklist, browsers + build + devices + german version
Image and text component layout change
Hide sandbox and related pages from google and pre-render
Monitoring Web on Production
TAI-component re-design implem.
Implement new navigation concept
TAI -component todos
Image focal point to leadgen component
Form t&c and checkbox text changes
Send personal webinar information to pardot as part of form submission
Make submenu -section sticky and add new (agenda type) appearance option
Check changes that can be affect Netlify redirects
Migrate repository to new SSO org
Image enlargement feature broken
Cookie notice modal broken on IE11
Netlify builds upgrade?
Navigation component new features
Link to PDF & Adding intercom on page to sandbox docs
Implement STAI new design
Press section dark bg missing bug
Add a calendar invite link to talk-component
Quote slider component is not using responsive images
Link checker changes
Change GDPR popup theme to citronis
Check advanced list item timezone issue
Advances list vue component fix
Fix overflow of vue filter container for advance list section
Fix banners for IE
Preview of AB test content
circular reference
Training page submenu and user login
New design for some section titles
Design personalized resources flow
Story section video overflow issue
Remove default BGs from timeline section, and provide possibility to add custom bg image
-- dash emdash conversion function for richtext
Agenda section styles
UNCSS short term wins
Design new jobs section
LMS Signup flow missing things
Add Title + Description to Image Block Section
LMS Final changes
LMS training signup
Resources content migration
blog navigation fix
LMS missing field
Make blog previewable
Switch careers overview and FAQ navigation pages to use the correct subnav compnoent
press articles into rich text
A/B testing
Signup flow: Prevent email from being copy/paste-able
Translated microsites URL issue
Image block component width fix
Create a loader
New cookie management
Create accounts for microsite editors
Blog article Drop Cap letter in Firefox behaving differently
Firefox font issue
Superfluid image mask is not superfluid
Improve the demo content on /sandbox and on demo pages
Check tsuyoshis slack message and implement the translation changes
link checker: ignore external links, warnings only
Celonis logo with different languages
Blog dropcap styling missing?
Press list page has issues on IOS
Design and build better structure for sandbox
Migrate Press contacts to Author CT
Render images to lists(ol & ul) in Article Section
Replace navbar-banner img getResponsiveImage function
Integrate form checkbox-text into Contentful
Add subnavigation to what is process mining page?
update getdata scripts of contentful with batch approach
Data migration
bring back blog posts to notifications
Implement WebP images and fallback
Enable personal webinar page
Create tag filters
Update backend config for new forms handlers
Implement countdown component
Image lazy loading
Development of countdown component
Featured Authors & Readers Favorites hero illustration
Send Contentful invitations based on Brandon's list
Componentize user research page
try/rescue to blog to prevent shirley build from failing
Add celobase page
quote slider component inline version
Text and Video Section droplet mask image fix
homepage cards low res
Author page displays URL as title of page instead of meta title
Enable form for modal component
Contentful Netlify integration
Defer offscreen images in components
UI Development of new jobs -page
New UI Extension
Investigate the --no-parallel thing
Migrate the navbar banners to "Celonis" Space
Timeline item not appearing
Fix the website font issue
try changing build image to see if speed diff
Card-component circular variation
Next week: Snap signup flow new fields
Celodam improvement idea
Customer achievements block
lead gen component bug
Remove bold tags from inside headings
Agenda component timezone
Make components with themes better
Top banner, make disabled on certain pages
Talk-component CT
Add webinar start time regex validation
Send email to support about github enterprise AD group
Adjust spacing in KPI section
Clean up mixins
add social sharing on single blog
Add date on blog posts
Implement parallax scrolling effect to image component
snap signup flow question should be obligatory
Customers page development
Form component new layout options
Embed single tweet to blog
Design&implement Jobs page in the superfluid design language
Base-theme design check
blog hero section fix in code, needs to image as svg
Blog hero section blurry images need new images
Extend modal component with forms
multiple variations for cards component?
Add deep link functionality to embed code & hero sections
speaker & quote slider design
Speaker component inside rich text
Style featured authors images like on company page
New blog design & development
write an email about the website assets folder
Design Video component for sf-article
Migrate success webinars and in-person events to the new vue advanced list item component
Automated testing
Embed entry: Logo
Preload Colfax
Tags infrastructure
sf-article styling for sf-card component
new backgrounds for quote component
Cleanup dead images and other legacy stuff from repo
Quote component new bgs
Forms restructuring and validation
Lead generation form component
Componentize cloud platform page
Design kpis component
Make subnav component sticky
Add theming possibility to IBC login banner page
Fix sandbox links
Collections content model for resources
Talk with Elona about Prescreen (jobs page)
Custom webinar into Contentful
update wils employer on company page
Separate press contact for german/english version
Webinars wording change
fix Akzonobel naming mistake on customers page
Change the academic cloud signup link
Design aggregated events page
text and image component UI extension broken
Trust center into componentized pages
Create new backend route for consulting signup flow
Find partner page does allow navigating to the next page
Post Launch lighthouse performance audit
Different landing page types design check for forms and other components
Landing page german link problem
include styles and scripts for referenced entry on richtext
Job ads minor changes
Pekka's US visa
Add datetimelocation component to sandbox docs
Need a small version of sf-article-typography for components like "Advanced list item" expanded section
Add component navigation to sandbox
Navbar IOS fix
Find partner cards issues
SameSite policy
Blog Relaunch
Debug sandbox on iphone
Implement date/time component
Add tracking script possibility to email newsletter signup component
Partner -pages layout changes
Add docs to sandbox about how deployment to prod/shirley works
Add possibility to watch past success webinars
Author component design & development
Section title fsmap a little too large on big screens
Design/Develop timeline component
Design more timeline component backgrounds
Implement social sharing component
Make form success message customizable
Send email to Contentful about private app EAP
Extend theming options with White and Black theme
Add possibility to include javascript via contentful
Make personal webinar a netlify form
Pug Ruby and Vue
Embed entry: Button
Fixed sidebar nav -Component
text and image component image needs enlarge on click
sf article images, dont show file name as caption, description field only
Droplet mask on quote section component cuts of faces of some people
Extend social media component with kununu and glassdoor
Make tabs component image sticky
Extend tabs component with a on-top layout option
Implement superfluid branded Snap signup flow
Implement the gradients to all the available icons
better press
Droplet tester
Press new features: scheduling, new content type, flags
issues on german version on single press
Jonathan Munn Field Marketing requests
Extend contact forms component to have customizable fields
Extend droplet carousel component with different masks
Albert: New CEW landing page designs
Create a page for each component with all variations
No navbar causes broken layout
Logos don't appear great on /frictionless-finance
Make all tabs init closed on mobile viewport sizes
Make link component multilingual
Make contact form sections button text editable
    styling on legacy pages
After 24th: Academic Cloud sign up -page
Design superfluid signup flow
Replace droplet mask in quote component with a circular mask
Add "Open in new tab" option to all(?) links
All components, make title into h1 if component is first one on page (exluding navbar)
Rich text editor functionality for blog posts
Academic alliance sign up flow
remove shadow for inputs in iOS
STAI-videos, play only 1 at a time
Event tracking v2
IBC login banner, remove iframe solution for contentful sdk integration
Finalize stai LG
Set up a meeting about new training budget
Add a templated keywords -section to footer of TBD -pages
make cookie notice responsive
Submenu broken on Sandbox
Make TAI image smaller
Card carousel dot indicator designs
Background gradient + text function for images
For Snap product: integrated Contentful (iframe alternative)
Add http:// to the form URL on landing pages if its missing
Make find a partner into a custom component
Email signup component contentful integration
Disable language switcher if only one language exists
Add image mask options to small text and image -component
Make the cookie notice acceptance into custom component
Google maps broken on partner/contact/ page
LPGv2: Multilingual components
Mailto links compability check
Add Digital Consulting to Solutions>Editions navigation dropdown
Deep links in nav bar for componentized landing pages
Subnav component
Deeplink implemenation for landing pages
Fullscreen image and text component
Components browser compability
Custom logo to replace Celonis logo on landing pages when nav items exist
Extend Card component with image fit UI-extension
Get form validation messages from .erb files and not as an hardcoded msg inside of form_validation.js
Replace old forms with new forms (contact, contact-partner, contact-sales, career-jobs, resource-webinar and resource-whitepaper)
Enable landing page creation so that zap can be configured before form goes live
Extend text and image component to have a fullscreen image
Infographics landing page generator add link to resource
Remove HP logo from customers page:
Add quote validation to long text CT
Story component for landing pages
Add social wall next to the stream
After 24: Implement GTM
Success webinars issue
Landing page generator navigation component
Freight text font setup
Contentful guide/documentation
4-column update to edition comparison page
Celosphere microsites and stuff
Newsletter component
Refactor new pages into proper components
New superfluid buttons
After 24: On-Demand webinar notifications
Map component
Embed component for landing pages v2
create functionality to hide/show top banner from contentful
Superfluid Roadshow (Mini-Celosphere) website needs
CSS component workshop
Change google maps markers from hexagons into droplets
Edition Comparison Page
Finalize navbar component and test that it works in all variations of content
Switch servicenow logo on the homepage to the current servicenow Brand
Extend the events -landing page template capabilities
Dark version of Navbar
Use youtube api to create youtube iframes
Droplet shape perfection
Font preloading commented out?
Design new SF top banner
Snap signup flow -video plays in the background-issue
menu animation on Safari
Thank you pages
After 24: Change address
Check GDPR compliance
Pre-render flag for non-existing pages on (jobs -page)
Swap Image of Alex on Company page
On "About Celonis" page: add CIO, change Alex pic in the "Board and Advisor section"
Next components
Previous Terms and conditions bug
Theme options in UI extension
Remove "Snap for ServiceNow" page
Internal Content Repository
Safari droplet issue on homepage masthead
June 24 Launch - list of go-lives
remove top banner on legalese -pages
Navigation safari bug
Snap signup flow changes
Bizzabo API implementation for landing pages
Trust center renamings
Snap - ongoing list of requests for features for G.A. launch
GeoJSON improvement
JavaScript deactivation message
Fix slider droplet images
Columns are swapped on pricing page
After 24: Integrate training links into contentful
Find out a way to embed vidyard videos in a nice way to blogpost (without fucking up perf)
After 24: Success webinar past webinars
Detect if JS is disabled, and show a site wide notification
After 24: Notification on all forms that they require js, if js is disabled
Anthony says adblock is interfering with Snap sign up flow
Self-Assessment interactive embedding
Add honeypot to snap signup form
Add image upload requirements to the webinar content type
Anime Number animation decimal points
Broken links on solutions -pages
Spacing issue on resources_article.erb
Better responsive images
Company page typo
add scaling lock for 4096px wide resolutions
Create a generic superfluid loader and replace existing loaders with it
Refactor legacypage condition
Typeform contentful thing?
Custom event tracking to agenda download
Tracking pixel/GTM stuff
Design sample landing pages for webinar, event, whitepaper with components
Investigate and test the "reference not updated" bug
Add links to sf-stai component
Investigate how long get-scripts take, and whether its worth to download only new entries
Add Supertitle to few components
Integrate new snap flow to contentful
Video component ID needs to be multilingual
Check if svg.min.js is required on homepage (included in concat.json)
Research countdown components and create one that works for fullscreen text and image and story components
Small image and text component improvements
terms and conds versioning feature
Create a library of new illustrations
Adademic alliance Snap Signup flow
Downloadable content form
ACe editor rich text in contentful
Re-implement the celosphere 2019 watch -pages with components
Optional Email blacklist to signup flow
Academic form
KPI component inline & section
Get started with Snap (homepage)
Press-section wrong address
Pre-render flag for non-existing pages
IBC cloud login banner link is broken
After 24: Get started button should be visible in the navbar on mobile viewport sizes.
Intelligent Business Cloud Copy Changes
Wrong address on press page
Restrict email domains on all forms on the website
Even more changes to the Webinar On-Demand...
Clean up content models
Add HTML validator to build
Content model for pricing page
New buttons
Trust-center -section as requested by System Engineering
Content model for new homepage
New footer and get started block
Vidyard embed on Resources
Before 24: Change favicon
Homepage & Navigation Redesign (for Superfluid and Snap/Editions launch)
Need country information for form submissions
Add new offices to
Solutions Navigation
New contentful entry for edition comparison page
Update try-or-buy page for Snap launch
Create new grunt task to create new layouts
Create new grunt task to create layout for proxy pages
Remove social media sharing -image file dimension validation, and add query params to the header.erb
Snap launch activities - Monday June 3
Redirect for Forbes
Create living styleguide
Fix timezone at landing pages
Finance Solutions Page
Remove service now -page's german version
Product/Solution Page Template
Snap Sign-Up Flow
Snap iframe/contentful content
Structure data for jobs
Using Vidyard with Celosphere recordings page
Remove cryptocurrency content from our website
Add Panas and Fabis pic to the website about -page
Home Page Copy Changes
Vidyard analytics fix for video duration
Landing page contentful integration
Snap Early Access Form
Forms Event submission to GA
Add Form Handler URL to On-Demand Webinar template
Pre-rendered press articles
Export Partners info
Translation Bug: Our German website information seems to be mixing German and English Descriptions
Closing out Celosphere
New terms & conditions
design new solutions dropdowns
Integrate Process Mining White Paper into Contentful
Celosphere Recordings page
Embedded Pardot form in Vidyard video for Webinars
Partner portal links
small text color bug on "How Does Process Mining Work?" page
Set Trello avatar
Add link from PM whitepaper to what is PM for link juice
Submit all frontend forms using xhr request
Update IBC login banner with Celosphere live stream
Design & Implement success webinars & in-person events -pages
Unclickable ce-crumbs
fix partner logo -animation on parter overwiev page
Youtube live stream on
Document Dev Environment setup on a Windows machine
Make processes and usecases deep linkable
Customers page design
Blog header visual improvements
Footer newsletter subscription
New footer information architecture
Digital consulting -pages
Newsletter sign up thank you page
Company page content update
ALEX: Brand work
Digital consulting pages
Get a rid of legacy CSS
Customer page demo content
frontend form validation doesn't work on safari
Fullscreen banner enabled -checkbox
Scrollama for solutions -page KPI animations
Migrating processes content to Contentful
Remove industries section
Choose slack avatar
Set up dev environment
JEROME: Extend landing page generator form capabilities
Add link to Community
Development of new Process Mining section
Fix illustration fonts
Upload processes -videos to youtube
better screenshot for the platform section
Banner image position
Analytics masthead illustration fix
Fullscreen banner visual bug on large viewport heights
Netlify enterprise purchase
Fullscreen banner visual issue
Add shariff social media sharing to press articles
Press content type and template needs meta information
DEMOs page
XML sitemap improvements
Performance upkeep
schema & structured data
Create Personal Edition for ServiceNow page
Analyst reports its own section under resources, should be gated
Netlify form submission feature
Change london office address
Add miami office to the website
Code-block component font issue
Stream tracking
google tracking event whenever someone downloads a calendar invite
Make "Add to calendar" optional
STAI list -section redesign
New modal strategy
Performance check for GTM
Add to google calendar
New customers page design
New navigation
Celosphere live web socket agenda
CeloDAM tracking
Celosphere modal
Landing Page Generator v2
Make pages hideable from Google
Trainings Contentful integration
Add three latest press items to frontpage cards
IBC Iterations based on user feedback
Celosphere website redesign
Add new favicon to website
Assemble a list of allowed logos/customer references
New Training-section designs
Landing page generator
Partner Page
Navbar bug on unix
Reset modal scroll position on close
Vueify jobs-page
Configure daily master deployment
Vuefying press section
Functionize form iframe handler in erb templates
PwC Russia (does not show full description)
Link preview shows old website
Login to download all resources without registration
Fix old forms markup
Help/Onboarding Page for new customers
Dock sub nav to the top
Resources: Set cookie and provide form autofill for visitors who already signed up
German version of IBC content
New navigation
Change logos in contact sales
Only load ff-1 on resource_articles with a form
SEO stuff
change Order of nav bar
Section on Cloud
Add IE10 no-support notice
Section on Process Mining
pricing alignment issue
Remove alliance, and partner content types after confirmation
Publish "German presidents award" LP on Sept 11, 2 PM Munich time
Add deeplinks documentation into sandbox
Add possibility to use vidyard video thumbnail on text and video-component
Publish infographic on a page and link it to report form
Confirm that theme and base theme options are defined in Contentful for all components that support them
"Find a Partner" - changes
Remove image_optim from resources section and use contentful delivery API instead.
Finish Heroku Config
Add light/dark theme option
Make sure that all UI extensions are required for all components
Add help texts and enforce correct validations rules all new components
UNCSS config for components
Simplify js inclusion logic in header.erb
After 24th: Add the linkedin tracking pixel to form success message
Make jobs into a custom component
Event pixel field for all generated pages with a form
"Can you answer the following" - section on the Assistant and Analytics pages
New webinars -pages
Vueify partners, and search and industry selector
Investigate Content Type migration
Superconductive: Documentation
After 9th September. CeloDAM SAML auth with Jonas
Design new sub navigation component
Documentation component
Extend quote slider component
Fix text and image "image appearance: none"
Add deeplinks to documentation
Improve contentful image fetching scripts
Clean up irrelevant content models from contentful
Make top banner more closable
Partner image optimization
Factor out "directPlusLeadFormApp" from templates
Resources: Fix circular JSON issue with related articles
remove ff-1.min.js from erb templates (and make sure that forms still work correctly)
Remove POSTED IN meta item from Blog Article

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