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WEEKLY LIVE DEMO: Intro to Celonis

Drive Real Business Outcomes with Celonis

Join the live demo of Celonis to learn how to:

  • Identify execution gaps & pinpoint their root causes in real time
  • Turn process insights into improvements that drive real outcomes
  • Track the impact of your process improvements over time

Discover the technology turning process intelligence into action and value

Every business process leaves its footprint in your systems. But tracking and visualizing all those process trails in real time can be difficult or impossible without the right technology.

The Celonis EMS acts as an intelligent layer on top of your underlying business systems and removes process constraints. It all starts with extracting real-time data from your source systems, then leveraging Process Mining, AI and intelligent workflow automation to drive insights and action.

What to expect from this 30-minute demo:

  • Find out how Celonis brings full transparency to your businessโ€™ core processes
  • Learn how to recognize and remove obstacles, understand the most frequent process flows, and see where performance suffers โ€” and how to fix it
  • Q&A: Submit questions to our process mining expert