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Improve and automate sales execution

Join the live demo to see how Celonis helps drive outstanding execution across your Sales landscape:

  • Identify and enforce best practices
  • Guide your teams consistently, in real time and at scale
  • Identify execution gaps and take action to close them
  • Ensure sales process adherence

Win more. Win faster. Win smarter.

May 27th | 11am ET | 5pm CET

The Celonis for Opportunity Management Execution App augments your sales execution capacity by analyzing process-related data in real time, identifying process execution gaps, and taking action to close them.

Weโ€™ve built the Opportunity Management Application on top of our world-class Execution Management Platform. It all starts with extracting real-time data from your source systems, then leveraging Process Mining, AI and intelligent workflow automation to drive insights and action.

What to expect from your 30-minute demo:

  • See the application in action: Get an in-depth view of how Celonis can help your organization optimize quota attainment, speed up your sales cycle, and improve forecast accuracy.
  • A new way of working: With the combined power of process mining, machine learning, and automation, see how Sales leaders can prioritize work for their team with a single click.
  • Q&A: Get best practice advice from our Celonis expert.

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