Accelerate projects by turning your expertise into solutions

Improve your project efficiency and time-to-value realization by standardizing your approach. Your clients benefit from tailor-made and data-driven solutions.

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A place where clients can access your expertise

Bring your industry know-how, business insights, and process expertise into a solution. Make use of the entire Celonis platform to easily extract your clientsโ€™ data, enrich it with your own (benchmark) data, understand the process context, and take action intelligently.

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Boost your innovation and make use of an entire ecosystem

Build innovative solutions while keeping your intellectual property. Simply distribute solutions to your clients using the Celonis App Store. Make use of extensive libraries and pre-built components. Utilize all platform functionalities like Machine Learning Workbench, Process Automation, Action Engine, as well as Transformation Center. Build solutions on a highly scalable and fully maintained platform.

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Example: Celonis RPA Scout

Finding and prioritizing the right process to automate by RPA was time intensive and costly.

The RPA Scout works directly on process data and identifies automation potential. Gain objective insights in current automation rate and frequency of activities on various data models. Drill down to identify key improvement areas. Add company specific information to predict business impact.

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Your Benefits

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Reduce your time-to-value through standardized solutions and advanced data analytics. Bring implicit knowledge into intelligent solutions to become a pioneer in scalable and lean professional services.

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Gain deep insights about your clients by leveraging Process Mining and Task Mining Technology. Incorporate your industry knowledge to provide your clients with quantitive results in your solution.

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Build ready-to-use and customized solutions for your clients. Increase engagement time by tailor-made solutions.

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Recreating our Brexit-App only took few days but now we save weeks of acquiring data from our customers each time we use it.

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