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Celonis Process Mining digitizes the process discovery and analytics in your Consulting engagements and creates valuable, fact-based and data-driven process insights. This allows you to focus on value-adding services for your clients.
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Register your Consultant Account and get access to the Celonis Digital Consulting Platform.

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Immediately get started with the analyses of your client's process in the Celonis Intelligent Business Cloud.

Deliver Insights

Deliver valuable insights to your client within a few minutes with the pre-defined Celonis Apps for all process focus areas.

Transform the way you create value and insights for your clients

Secure competitive advantages for your upcoming consulting projects by leveraging Celonis Digital Consulting Platform.

Faster Time-to-Value

Leverage Celonis process mining to create quantifiable and fact-based process insights with Celonis Plug & Play connectors.

New Business Opportunities

Identify business cases for follow-up process improvements, win additional customer projects and secure competitive advantages.

On-demand Self-Service for Consulting Licenses

Request Consulting Licenses for new projects on the fly and get immediate access to the process analysis environments on the Intelligent Business Cloud.

100% End-to-End Process Transparency

Smart Celonis algorithms help you to reconstruct, analyze and understand the real process accurately in order to focus on value-adding services for your client.

Out-of-the-Box Connectors and Apps

Get initial insights within a few clicks through over 200 pre-defined analysis templates for the most common use cases available in the Business App Store.

Innovative Services for Clients

Utilize Celonisโ€™ innovative analytics including advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning components to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks and conformance issues in the clientโ€™s processes.

Use cases across the whole process landscape.

Celonis' Process mining technology can support you in all kinds of initiatives and projects for your clients.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Identify the best automation opportunities to get management buy-in with quantified RPA business cases and accelerate implementation by ensuring operational governance.

Operational Excellence

Enable full process transparency to detect inefficiencies and to identify their root causes.

Shared Services Center

Uncover hindrances as well as opportunities to simplify processes, save costs and speed up performance.

Internal Audit

Provide full transparency of all processes to identify critical cycle times, segregation of duties and missing approvals and to ensure every non-compliant process is caught.

IT Service Management

Identify process bottlenecks, common rework activities and issues with tickets and departments to speed up lead times and become more efficient.


Reduce the Restructuring process time by generating full transparency on existing processes during the concept phase.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

Benchmark each ERP system to identify differences that must be resolved in the pre-merger phase and detect unanticipated deviations in the post-merger phase.

External Audit

Provide your client with the security of full audit with 100% case coverage instead of non-exhaustive stochastic or sample testing.
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For every process in every company in every industry

Celonis Process Mining allows you to visualize and analyze every process for every client, regardless of their industry, their company size or the process type.

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