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osapiens Production Operations Automation


osapiens is a fast-growing company with headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, that focuses on Operations Automation for companies producing, moving, selling or maintaining physical goods. We are experts in Celonis, SAP, Honeywell and master track & trace, IoT and related technologies required for Operations Automation. Under Operations we understand manufacturing, plant maintenance, supply chain as well as aftermarket and service.


Identifying optimization in a production chain is often hard. SAP often does not provide enough visibility in production changes and there is no real-time view. Outdated Master Data prevents successful capacity planning.


osapiens solution provides valuable insights of process changes and capacity data. Processes such as capacity planning, quality changes or other can be optimized through tracking and analyzing of KPIs. It creates a platform for the alignment of production processes across different sites / plants for further improvement.

In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Production orders are automated based on the status of planned order components.

  • Master Data needed for efficient planning is evaluated and updated automatically.

  • Leaders in (Global) Production Management get a better view on their own production, align processes across different sites, save time and cash and lower their manual effort on planning processes throughout automatization and better visibility.

Duration: One hour including Q&A Back to the overview

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Stefan Wawrzinek
Stefan Wawrzinek
Co-founder and COO
Nicolas Grรผnling
Nicolas Grรผnling
Digital Consulting Manager

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