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osapiens Track and Trace Insights


osapiens is a fast-growing company with headquarters in Mannheim, Germany. We focus on Operations Automation for companies producing, moving, selling or maintaining physical goods. We are experts in Celonis, SAP, Honeywell and master Track & Trace, IoT and related technologies required for Operations Automation. We understand procurement, inbound logistics, manufacturing planning, manufacturing execution, plant maintenance, outbound logistics as well as aftermarket and service.


The success of companies producing physical goods many times depends on the quality of the sold goods. For consumer products, pharmaceutical or medical device companies, issues with the quality of products can seriously jeopardize patient or consumer safety and ruin their brand reputation literally overnight. The problem is so large and relevant for the society, that governments impose strict regulations and manufacturers need to track & trace their products. In these industries the main concern is to achieve 100% Track & Trace compliance on all the sites producing or moving products.

For construction and building materials, discrete or process manufacturing, automotive or defense it is not only about guaranteeing the quality and the risks involved with the lack thereof, but also about the aftermarket and ensuring that you know the exact product delivered with the exact components, with the exact warranty lifespan and the exact usage.


osapiens’ solution uniquely combines Track & Trace expert know how in different platforms and databases with the capabilities of Celonis. An osapiens addon provides the specific data, later analyzed by Celonis to get a holistic view for manufacturing and logistics Track & Trace processes.

In this webinar you will learn about how it is possible to:

  • Display which product IDs were produced in which factories and partially help identify potential counterfeits;

  • Display the entire product IDs lifecycle based on ID allocation, origin, and destination. Not only on handling unit level but even at sellable units. • Run product recalls in a highly efficient way;

  • Allow companies

    • to recognize which product was deviated from the intended market of retail sales;

    • to know if the product being serviced is in or out of warranty;

    • to understand which products are more subject to problems based on aftermarket interventions;

    • to benchmark lines, plants and warehouses with regards to speed, quality in the production and efficiency in general.

Duration: One hour including Q&A

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