The Big Book of Use Cases

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EBook - Big Book Of Use Cases

The Big Book of Use Cases

Celonis Execution Management System (EMS)

At Celonis, we’re in the business of business breakthroughs.

We believe in helping every company break free from the constraints of the rigid and fragmented systems that run their core business processes, so they can maximize their capacity to execute.

The Big Book of Use Cases is your all-in-one handbook for business execution.

In The Big Book you will:

  • Find more than 70 examples of ways the Celonis EMS can help you increase execution capacity.

  • Discover how to maximize your execution capacity in over 20 use cases spanning five business areas:

    • Finance & Administration

    • Customer Operations

    • Supply & Distribution

    • Products & Services

    • Strategic Initiatives

  • See how EMS turns process intelligence into real business outcomes through AI, Automation, and other cutting-edge capabilities.

  • Hear from customers like Dell, Uber, Siemens, Sysmex, Comcast, and ADP on how they are achieving business breakthroughs.

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